Aug 5, 2022
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Arestovich says Iran handed over 46 drones to Russia

The possibility of Iran transferring its attack and other drones to Russia began after the July statement by the White House about a possible request from Russia to Iran to provide it with a hundred or two UAVs. After the meeting between the leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey, these conversations intensified.

Then there were rumors about mysterious flights of Iranian transport workers to the Russian Federation, and, finally, the media reported that Iran had expressed its readiness to export its UAVs to a friendly country. Then they started talking specifically about strike and reconnaissance UAVs Shahed 129analogues of American MQ-1 Predator, shot down by the Persians, dismantled and carefully studied. Experts write: “Later modifications of the drone made this car quite original and very good in terms of price / quality ratio; The US continues to insist that their Predator is better, although the experience of using the Shahed 129 in Iraq and Syria has shown more than serious combat qualities of the Iranian machine..

Iran built UAVs based on its philosophy of war, tested in Yemen, Syria, Iraq. Moscow and Tehran have not yet confirmed the deliveries, everyone is waiting for news from the front.

And the Ukrainians responded. Kyiv military expert Roman Svitan said that Iranian drones can representabouta bigger problem for Ukrainian troops than Russian UAVs, because Russian vehicles are reconnaissance, while Iranian ones can carry a combat load. “Iranian drones, if they come to us, this is another level. That is, they conduct general intelligence. They will not be contacted, they are not included in the unified Russian tactical command and control system, and they will not be introduced into it. But they can work on general reconnaissance tasks, they can already work as target designators for long-range Russian missiles, and since they are not purely reconnaissance, like the very Orlan, but also combat ones, they can carry a combat load … It is the warhead drones are a big problem…”

And on August 4, Advisor to the Head of the President’s Office Alexey Arestovich in my daily conversations with Mark Feigin Iran has handed over its drones to Russia. 46 devices. The use of Iranian drones by the Russian military, according to Arestovich, is already noticeable. He added that although these UAVs are outdated, they are dangerous.

At the same time, the American analytical agency Institute for the Study of War (ISW) announced the likely start of supplies of Iranian combat drones for the Russian Aerospace Forces. ISW believes that Moscow and Tehran made a deal by exchanging UAVs for Su-35 fighters.

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