Oct 16, 2020
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Areplivir’s production volumes quadrupled

The drug for coronavirus infection "Areplivir" has arrived in all regions of Russia. Due to high domestic demand, its sales abroad have been stopped. At the same time, the volume of production has increased fourfold.

We have delivered, but in pharmacies it is now unfolding. The drug is already on sale in Vladivostok, - RIA Novosti quotes the executive director of the manufacturing company "Promomed" Andrey Mladentsev.

According to him, the enterprise for the whole past month has been engaged in rebuilding production for retail demand. As Mladentsev noted, “pharmacy chains did not know the demand, so they ordered it very carefully.”

The representative of the manufacturer also noted that there is not enough drug on the domestic market, so its supplies abroad were suspended, and production increased fourfold. According to him, the medicine was previously supplied to the countries of Central Asia, but not on a regular basis.

We have grown production almost fourfold from September to October. It is for sale to retail chains- he clarified.

Currently, several domestic drugs have received approval from the Ministry of Health for the treatment of coronavirus infection. These are Avifavir, Coronavir and Areplivir. All medicines are temporarily registered until January 1, 2021. The active ingredient in them is the same - favipiravir, the same as in their Japanese "progenitor" of the same name.

In early June, the department also registered the drug Levilimab, which also received the trade name Ilsira. The medicine was recommended for use in the treatment of patients with severe COVID-19.

Earlier, the Federal Antimonopoly Service agreed on the maximum selling price for the medicine against coronavirus infection to the manufacturers of Avivavir. The cost of the drug will be reduced by at least half. The price tag for a package of 50 tablets in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation will not exceed 5500 rubles, wrote.

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