Sep 16, 2020
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Are tattoos unfortunately? 6 dangers to energy tattoos lead to

Are tattoos unfortunately?  6 dangers to energy tattoos lead to

A beautiful and, at first glance, harmless tattoo for happiness can carry the opposite meaning and doom to disaster. The editorial board invites you to find out how tattoos affect energy.

More recently, a tattoo would have been considered a sign of vulgarity, but now it has gained widespread popularity, becoming a person's calling card. When choosing a tattoo, many pay attention to the Zodiac Sign, symbolism, but do not think at all about what mark it can leave on fate. Such an irreversible process can leave a dark seal on everything that happens in life, because some drawings, like a magnet, attract trouble.

Any symbol on the body is a direct request to the Universe. The tattoo works on an energetic level: the process of its application forms a deep hole in the biofield through which energy circulates. A correct tattoo enhances energy, protects against troubles, attracts luck, reveals talents, and suppresses flaws. A personal protector associated with the subtle world can give warning clues in the form of a burning sensation, a sensation of warmth, cold, or pain.

Symbolic drawings can also carry hidden meaning. Even an innocent butterfly or orchid can attract completely unnecessary changes and negative vibrations to a person. Having a direct connection with the subtle world, the image charges energy and influences it at its own discretion.

1. Tattoo is a sacred sign, a kind of stigma. Human energy can change dramatically under his influence. The applied symbol exists separately, creating and attracting vibrations that can bring both positive change and unhappiness.

2. Tattooing is an ancient art, which is covered with secrets and legends. They were never applied to the body for no reason, each tattoo can always be given a certain explanation, usually mystical. The person who gets the tattoo on himself will never be the same. Any drawing on the body is a kind of program that will dictate its will.

3. Our ancestors gave each drawing a specific meaning. It was believed that one sign, inscription or symbol can change karma, rewrite the fate, and not only of one person, but of the whole family. Certain dangerous tattoos can drain energy, attract trouble, and bind to a certain pattern of thinking and behavior.

4. According to esotericists, the love of tattoos speaks of internal problems. With their help, a person tries to resolve conflicts, empower himself, proving to everyone, including himself, his significance. But it is important to apply magic symbols with care. If the tattoo contradicts personal qualities, the danger grows to turn your life in a different direction, to suppress your "I". A person actually makes himself not himself, but someone else.

5. The tattoo charges the subconscious with mystical power. Tattooing, for the most part, is caused by some thoughts, desires or internal worries that are imprinted on the body in the form of a drawing. Basically, a tattoo is applied to preserve a memory. This is fraught with a certain danger, since a tattoo, endowed with meaning and negative emotions, takes control of a person's mind and consciousness.

6. Negative images are contrary to spiritual beliefs. It is dangerous to remake for the worse what is created by God. Tattoo with demonic symbols leads to dire consequences that can turn into tragedy.

Coming to such a serious step, it is important to understand for what purpose and for what reasons you want to get a tattoo. If you are in doubt, you should postpone the decision. There should be firm confidence, because a tattoo is a spiritual guide that transforms energy. Doubts and unstable emotional background can give a symbol a different meaning.

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