Mar 30, 2021
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Arctic expedition “Umka-2021”

Since March 20, 2021, the Umka-2021 integrated Arctic expedition, which has no analogues in history, is being held.

“For the first time, according to a single concept and plan, a complex of combat training, scientific research and practical measures of various directions is being carried out in the circumpolar regions. In total, the plan provides for 43 events. The place of the expedition is the Franz Josef Land archipelago, specifically, the Alexandra Land island and the adjacent ice-covered water area. Now in the area of ​​the expedition the average temperature is minus 25 – minus 30 degrees, the thickness of the ice cover is up to one and a half meters, the wind in gusts is up to 32 meters per second. More than 600 military and civilian personnel, about 200 types of weapons, military and special equipment are involved in the expedition. To date, in accordance with the plan, 35 activities have been completed, eight are in progress according to the plan. For the first time in the history of the Navy, the following has been accomplished: ascent from under the ice of three nuclear missile carriers with a break of one and a half meter ice according to a single concept and plan at the appointed time in an area with a radius of 300 meters; flight in the circumpolar region with refueling in the air with a pair of MiG-31s ​​with the passage of the geographic point of the North Pole in the forward and backward directions; practical torpedo firing of a nuclear submarine from under the ice, followed by icing a practical torpedo, detecting it by technical means and lifting it to the surface. Also, a tactical exercise was conducted for a unit of the Arctic motorized rifle brigade in adverse weather conditions, with a separation from the main bases in unfamiliar terrain. As a result of the measures taken, the samples of weapons, military and special equipment confirmed all their specified technical characteristics in conditions of high latitudes and low temperatures. All activities are carried out as planned. The practice of conducting integrated Arctic expeditions by the Navy will continue. Moreover, the main criterion for these exercises will be, most importantly, in subsequent expeditions the development of new, even more unexplored areas, “- said in a Friday report of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy Nikolai Evmenov to Vladimir Putin.

“We will continue to conduct complex Arctic expeditions, study and develop the Far North in order to ensure the military security of the Russian Federation,” Putin ordered.

“This is a normal enhanced combat training, but it is also a signal to our friends overseas – the Americans,” the former chief of the Russian Navy General Staff Viktor Kravchenko told Interfax. Commenting on the surfacing of the submarines, the admiral stated: “Not only one of our nuclear submarines can occasionally surface and break the ice, but three at once and simultaneously. The Americans and the British cannot yet break through the ice according to their technical characteristics, as our submarines did … When the boats surface, there is air defense above them. It was provided by our MiG-31 fighters, who refueled in the air and for the first time ascended to these heights. ” Kravchenko added that “the North Pole is the most convenient place for the range of a ballistic missile. The missile flies much less in the air than when firing from another place. The potential enemy has less time to make a decision to retaliate.”

“It’s just that three Russian nuclear missile carriers just float up at the same time, breaking the ice in the Arctic. And they just remind who owns the Lomonosov Ridge, named after the outstanding Russian natural scientist. The Russian Navy has never done such a performance before. missile carriers about the Arctic ice – please tell the driver for the ride in the minibus to Pyaterochka for blue skins. Tomorrow it will be even more painful from the chronicles of continuously dying Russia. PS Oh, yes: “Umka-2021” is a very nice name for such an expedition ” , – noticed the channel “Horde” (“Horde of Mordor”).


Aleksey Ivanov

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