Nov 5, 2021
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Archbishop Carlo Vigano vs. Pope Francis

On the participation of the Catholic Church in relaying deception

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano (Carlo Maria Vigano) at one time he held high positions in the hierarchy of the Vatican (secretary general of the governorship of the Vatican state; apostolic nuncio in the United States), but at the same time he always remained not a very convenient person for the Vatican. And for Pope Francis, the archbishop became generally unbearable: he was not afraid to denounce the pontiff of modernism and a departure from the canons of Catholicism.

In 2016, the inconvenient archbishop was “pushed back”, but Vigano continued to denounce the pope and his entourage. In 2018, he wrote an open letter to Pope Francis, in which he accused the pontiff of covering up pedophilia among the highest Catholic hierarchs and demanded the resignation of the head of the Vatican. For five years, having been suspended from affairs in the papal state, Viganò has been active in denouncing not only the outrages perpetrated by the Vatican elite, but also many deeds of secular politicians. Especially in the USA.

On June 7, 2020, the rebellious archbishop issued a 3-page open letter to President Donald Trump assessing the “pandemic” restrictions, death protests George Floyd and movement BLM (Black Lives Matter)… He condemned the Catholic bishops who supported the protests and riots under the BLM flag, and stressed that the Catholic hierarchs “Obey the deep state, globalism, a single worldview, the New World Order, which they increasingly resort to in the name of” universal peace “.”

On October 25, 2020, an even more resonant letter from Vigano to Trump appeared. The archbishop called Trump the last fortress against the “world dictatorship of evil” and called on to support him with all his might. The letter was written just before the elections. Carlo Vigano appealed to believers around the world to turn to spiritual weapons. This letter served as a warning of the dangers of the Deep State and the Deep Church. For the first time, Archbishop Vigano used the concept of “deep church”, implying the behind-the-scenes part of the Vatican, united with the deep state.

Now the archbishop is focusing on the problems associated with the “pandemic”. These are lockdowns, the covid vaccination campaign, and “health passports”, and much more. In two more letters to President Trump, Vigano declared the artificial origin of the “pandemic”, claiming that it was a “smokescreen” hiding the true goals of its organizers, namely the destruction of the surplus population, depriving citizens of all rights and turning them into slaves, the seizure of the world power and the establishment of a world state.

Of the archbishop’s latest statements, the most resonant was the “Letter with some serious considerations regarding the so-called Covid-19 vaccines” released on October 23, 2021. (A letter with some serious considerations regarding the so-called Covid-19 vaccines)… The letter is addressed to Archbishop Jose Horacio Gomez, President of the Episcopal Conference of the United States of America, Cardinal Ladaria and Cardinal Müller… The letter is equipped with numerous links to authoritative sources on science and medicine. As the author of the letter notes, he double-checked all the basic medical facts with reputable Catholic doctors. And the archbishop draws conclusions of a spiritual and moral nature.

In the letter, he once again draws attention to the fact that government officials and the media are substituting concepts. They call vaccines experimental drugs that have not passed the necessary clinical trials. Unfortunately, church hierarchs relay this deception in their speeches and sermons. Vigano says there is no doubt that abortive materials are used to produce these experimental drugs. With reference to the source, he writes: “Recently, the leaders Pfizer reported that gene mRNA sera contain abortive fetal material not only for the production of the original vaccine, but also for its large-scale replication and production. “

The archbishop reminds of the side effects of vaccinations. In the United States, as you know, there is an information system for recording and recording such VAERS consequences. Similar systems of “administration of vaccinations” are available in the EU, UK, Australia. The figures provided by these systems, according to experts, underestimate the real scale of the “negatives” by an order of magnitude. So the archbishop says: “Data on side effects should be multiplied at least tenfold.”

The letter touches upon such an important issue as methods of fighting the virus alternative to vaccines. There are a large number of medications available that effectively treat those infected with covid. These treatments are boycotted by companies Big Pharma… The archbishop, in particular, cites an interesting fact: the corporation Pfizer, which now vaccinates most Americans today, has hired 22 lobbying companies to promote its drug and block any alternative means of fighting covid. Globally, WHO is blocking medical treatments for covid.

Studying open sources and consulting with representatives of medical science, the archbishop comes to the conclusion that until the end the composition of the drugs injected into tens, even hundreds of millions of people, is unknown. Drugs Pfizer and Modern and others may contain components that, first, are capable of changing human genetics; secondly, they are a kind of “markers” that make it possible to identify a person with the help of external technical devices. Even what has already been found in vaccine preparations is good enough to tie the vaccinated person to external control systems. Graphene is such a component. Citing a number of studies, Vigano concludes that graphene “Serves to track the deleted contacts of all vaccinated people around the world”

Vigano calls attempts immoral and criminal Joe Biden vaccinate children: “It’s incredible how Joe Biden, who also calls himself a ‘Catholic’, can force vaccinations on 28 million children aged 5 to 11 with virtually zero risk of developing SARS-CoV-2 disease. (for this age group. – VC.)

The fact that repeated injections undermine a person’s natural immunity has been said before. However, some vaccinated individuals experience a loss of natural immunity, much like AIDS. Here are Vigano’s words: “Recent research confirms that gene serum (contained in the vaccine preparation. – VC.) can cause acquired immunodeficiency in recipients “

The Pope signed an agreement about a year ago on the participation of the Vatican in the “Great Reset” with Klaus Schwab, Lynn de Rothschild and other representatives of the “deep state”. This agreement obliges the pontiff to support the vaccination campaign unconditionally. The Pope constantly repeats: every Catholic believer is obliged to inject himself “in the name of love” to his neighbor and to humanity. The archbishop exposes this pharisaism: “I understand that today it may be extremely unpopular to oppose the so-called vaccines, but as shepherds of God’s flock, we must condemn the terrible crime that is taking place, aimed at creating billions of chronically ill and destroying millions and millions of people, based on the hellish ideology of the Great Reset formulated by the President of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab and endorsed by institutions and organizations around the world “

The archbishop’s revelations are still ringing in the wilderness. “The silence of so many cardinals and bishops, together with the unthinkable promotion of the vaccination campaign by the Holy See, constitutes a form of unprecedented complicity that cannot last longer. It is necessary to condemn this scandal, this crime against humanity, this satanic action against God “– writes Carlo Vigano.

The Archbishop’s letter contains a list of specific measures to be taken by pastors and archpastors within the church fence. Artificial restrictions on the access of believing citizens to church services must be lifted; abolished the bans for those pastors who allegedly violated the instructions for a special regime of services; abolished mandatory “sermons” promoting the pope’s calls for the need to vaccinate all Catholics; compulsory vaccinations for students of Catholic universities and seminaries have been discontinued.

Especially Vigano addresses the archbishop Jose Horacio Gomezwho is the President of the United States Episcopal Conference: “I hope that Your Excellency, Archbishop Gomez, will take these observations of mine seriously …” From November 15 to 18, 2021, the Plenary Assembly of the United States Bishops’ Conference is due to take place in Baltimore, and Archbishop Vigano is very hopeful that there will be “The official position of the Catholic Church in the United States on the so-called vaccines will be reviewed and updated”

The likelihood that there will be a rebellion against Pope Francis in Baltimore is low. However, some of the bishops who will gather there agree with Viganò’s position. A significant part of Catholic parishioners also agree with her.

Photo: REUTERS / Yara Nardi

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