Feb 17, 2021
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Archaeologists in Israel have stated that the events described in the Bible never happened

For centuries, the debate about whether the biblical stories are legends or whether everything described in the “Book of Books” is pure truth has not abated. Researchers found more and more evidence that these events happened (and at the same time their opponents argued that nothing of the kind happened at all), refuted each other, argued, and came to a certain compromise.

Point in research

And now, finally, Israeli archaeologists seem to have put an end to these disputes. Ze’ev Herzog, professor at the Department of Archeology at Tel Aviv University, states: “The great events described in Holy Scripture never happened. ” Naturally, both fellow scientists and believers attacked him.

But such a serious statement Herzog confirms with the results of many years of excavations that were carried out in Israel and, in particular, in Jerusalem.

Excavations in legendary, many times described in the Bible places have not revealed real temples and palaces

The professor is not yet ready to refute absolutely all the events set forth in the Holy Scriptures, but he can state quite categorically about some of them.

Invisible walls

For example, according to a leading Israeli archaeologist, the walls of Jericho, according to legend, destroyed by the sounds of trumpets of Jewish priests (Old Testament. Book of Joshua, ch. 6), returning from Egypt, could not be destroyed. Why? Because there was no trace of walls surrounding Jericho. The largest settlements of Canaan (the Promised Land, where Jericho was located) occupied an area of ​​no more than one and a half hectares and were not surrounded by any serious walls, all the more so, “rising to heaven”, as stated in the Old Testament.

The walls of Jericho couldn’t collapse – they just didn’t exist

Professor Herzog stated: “None of the events of our history cited in the Scriptures have been confirmed by archaeological finds. For example, the people of Israel have never been to Egypt or wandered in the wilderness. The Exodus from Egypt (Old Testament, the book of Exodus) may have existed, but not a whole people, but only a few families, whose history then took on a modern form. covering an entire nation. “

Where is the kingdom?

The existence of the great kingdom of David and Solomon (Book of Kings), supposedly once stretching from the banks of the Euphrates to Gaza and becoming the peak of Israel’s greatness, according to the professor, “does not correspond to reality.” Archaeologists have dug up all of Jerusalem, but have not found a single trace of the existence of this great united kingdom. In fact, David and Solomon were the heads of small tribal principalities that were often at odds with each other.

Professor Zeev Herzog rightly believes that for many it will be difficult to accept this, but the facts will have to come to terms.

Cover photo: Remains of the walls of Jericho

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