Apr 27, 2021
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Arcanum Tarot “The Hanged Man”: characteristics and meaning

Arcanum Tarot

The interpretation of the major Arcana of the deck of Consequences allows you to accurately understand the reason for any falling out card in the layout. Description of the Arcana in a straight and inverted position will give an absolute understanding of the situation and help you find a way out of a difficult situation.

The interpretation of the Arcanum “The Hanged Man” in an upright and inverted position will help to understand more absolutely the reason for the fallen out card and understand whether it is worth acting actively, or whether it is necessary to wait out the “storm”. Experts also recommend using intuition and be sure to compare the description with real events.

Arkan indicates to the questioner a dead end situation, when, due to circumstances or one’s own imprudence, it is impossible to continue the started deval. Appearing in the layout, the card warns that such a situation allows you to get up for a while, reflect on life, as well as adjust plans and find slips that interfere with active deeds.

Career and business issues: Arcanum “The Hanged Man” speaks of imminent changes, when the questioner will have to change tactics in order to achieve success. Often the card shows, predicting a job change, a quick promotion and increasing responsibility. In general, the card informs about the opportunity to change life for the better, if you leave the paved path and find new targets for yourself.

Health status: Arkan talks about troubles with health, injury or exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Relationship: in the layout of the relationship, Arkan points to the questioner about problems that cannot be avoided. It can be clouded loneliness, a toxic relationship, or unsuccessful attempts to reestablish a friendly relationship.

The lasso in an inverted position indicates a useless waste of time and effort on those goals that are not destined to achieve at this stage of life. Often, the “Hanged Man” card indicates a lack of internal development, when the desire to get rich becomes an unconnected idea and can lead to bad consequences.

Career and business issues: in affairs it is majestic to pursue one’s ideals and act, relying only on oneself. Advice from the outside can be disastrous, and conflicts will lead to even greater problems.

Health status: the questioner may not notice the development of sickness due to overexcitation of the febrile system.

Relationship: the card describes a situation when the questioner takes the position of an observer, without bothering himself with initiative. Often, Arkan points to a situation where biased decisions are made based on speculation and rumors.

The fortuneteller must understand that changes in life will come if you act actively and look for ways for development and a way out of a difficult situation. The card indicates that sometimes trepidation and speculation can cause problems, which means that you need to actively fight with them in order to bring positive changes into life.

Card interpretation is similar to meditation practice, during which you can see the hidden reason, use your intuition and receive valuable advice. Any card will be the key of healthy information if you trust yourself.

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