Apr 28, 2021
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Arcanum Tarot “Strength”: characteristics and meaning

Arcanum Tarot

Major Arcana can fall out in the layout not only in a straight, but also in an inverted position. An expanded interpretation of Tarot cards will allow you to more fully understand the reason for any alignment and receive accurate warnings.

Major Arcana “Strength” in the layout for many – a long-awaited card calling for active deeds. Experts recommend learning about what this Arcanum actually broadcasts, and suggest getting acquainted with its interpretation in order to gain confidence and easily find the path leading to prosperity.

Arkan encourages the questioner to fight for his well-being. Before starting the path, you need to learn to understand yourself and direct energy to a peaceful bed. “Strength” symbolizes an optimistic attitude and readiness for decisive action, the ability to overcome difficulties and achieve one’s goal, in spite of temporary hardships.

Career and business issues: Arkan indicates that the questioner will be able to achieve what was planned, and for this he has both the strength and the necessary weapons. The card also speaks of useful acquaintances, thanks to which it will come out more quickly to check the planned affairs and gain material well-being.

Health status: Arkan indicates a period when there is an excess of strength, well-being does not cause problems, or a brisk correction occurs after sickness.

Relationship: the card symbolizes the appropriate stage when partners completely trust a friend to a friend. Arkan indicates that it is dignified to be more assertive in order to find happiness in your personal life, to act actively and not be afraid of your emotions.

In reverse, the Strength card describes a situation where the questioner lacks confidence. He is overcome by doubts and fears that prevent him from fighting for his well-being and coming out of the shadows. Often, Arkan indicates excessive stubbornness, because of what devil they do not advance, and the reputation suffers.

Career and business issues: Arkan warns that aggression will not help bring prosperity to life. It will take all the strength of the questioner to turn the tide of the deval in his favor, but at the same time not to lose his perfection.

Health status: possible deterioration in health, mild immunity, negligent concern for well-being, which can cause problems.

Relationship: Arkan indicates disagreement in couples, the absence of compromise solutions, because of which both partners suffer. To the questioner, it is dignified to make concessions in order to avoid conflicts or not be left alone.

Arcanum “Strength” calls to be courageous and attract positive thoughts, not to be afraid of responsibility and to listen to the inner voice. Intuition will tell you the constant path to success, as well as warn against rash decisions or steps. The questioner should act dignifiedly and not deviate from the chosen path in order to receive a worthy reward.

Tarot cards can become a real help for those who are accustomed to covet their own and know how to calculate their strength in order to achieve success with minimal effort. The interpretation of the senior Arcana helps to get a warning in time to slow down, or “green light” for active deeds.

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