May 5, 2021
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Arcanum Tarot “Star”: characteristics and meaning

Arcanum Tarot

Any card from the Tarot deck of Consequences will become a tool for achieving a rounder, if you get to know the Arcana at home. To understand what actually advises this or that Arkan in the layout, an extended interpretation will help.

The seventeenth Arcanum “Star” is called the guardian angel and is considered one of the most positive cards of the Tarot deck. Experts recommend that you familiarize yourself with the interpretation of this Arcana at home in order to follow the prompts and not stumble one step away from the cherished target.

Arcanum indicates a period when the questioner can calmly engage in planned affairs, knowing that he has chosen an unchanging course. The result will not appear immediately, but it will not disappoint. “Star” symbolizes a suitable outcome, if you do not rush and trust your intuition, and not an outsider and, rather, a total, wrong opinion.

Career and business issues: a positive card indicates growth and development, an improvement in the financial situation. The questioner should try and make an effort to get a decent reward in the end and reach a new level of success.

Health status: the card promises an important state of health or an early amendment, a brisk recovery after difficult manipulations. The possibility of conceiving the long-awaited offspring is not excluded.

Relationship: in the layout of the relationship, the Arcanum “Star” indicates pleasant prospects and hopes that will come true. For family couples, the card promises the acquisition of harmony, the transition to the newest, more trusting level, spiritual kinship. For those who will be in search for as long as possible, Arkan predicts a fateful meeting.

Arkan indicates to the questioner a situation when, due to stubbornness or unwillingness to change something in life, promising opportunities are lost and there are no improvements. The card calls for refusing to indulge in destructive emotions and procrastination in order not to miss out on happy changes.

Career and business issues: Arkan says that the questioner will have to work hard to achieve the tasks set more round and round. Luck will smile at those who will not succumb to difficulties and show their best side.

Health status: the card indicates possible health problems and encourages you to carefully consider your well-being in order to prevent the development of a new or chronic illness in time.

Relationship: The lasso can indicate if the requirements for a partner or a future relationship are too high, as well as problems in relationships due to the fact that the questioner does not want to come forward. The card calls to say goodbye to illusions in order to take control of the situation, not to lose confidence or a potential partner.

Arkan encourages the questioner to act in a chosen way, relying on intuition and the arguments of reason. The balance between feelings and emotions, a real look at what is happening and an optimistic attitude will help to remember your happiness and receive a reward for honest work. “Star” – a card of hopes that will come true if you give yourself an absolute account of your actions. The one who asks will reap the fruits that he has sown.

You can find out what awaits in the near future thanks to the neat layouts of the Tarot cards. Advice will be accurate and will certainly help answer exciting questions if you are blameless in front of yourself.

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