Sep 6, 2022
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APU use "beacons" ORBCOMM for tracking military equipment

APU use "beacons" ORBCOMM for tracking military equipment

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To track the armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, special “beacons” are used, which allow you to monitor its movement online. The Military Review writes about this, noting that all American armored vehicles that were transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine are necessarily equipped with an automatic recognition and localization system.

As a result, even if the equipment falls into the hands of the Russian military, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will immediately become aware of this and the Ukrainian military can use this information to strike at the positions of Russian troops.

DNR representative Daniil Bezsonov stated in his telegram channel that LDNR specialists have learned to identify and disable these beacons.

“The guys from the repair team of the 7th brigade of the LPR confirmed that this is, in fact, standard equipment on Ukrainian equipment – both Western and domestic production. And their trophy teams are uprooted right away so as not to expose their location, ”says Bezsonov.

He did not tell how many cases there were when the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to open the positions of the Russian Federation and the LDNR on the captured equipment.

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