May 1, 2022
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APU saved the RF Armed Forces several hundred “Caliber” by blowing up 300 bridges in Ukraine

APU saved the RF Armed Forces several hundred

Photo: AP/TASS

The Zhovto-Blakit telegram channel @skeptik drew attention to the publication of The New York Times, which published eerie footage of the outskirts of Kyiv flooded during the fighting in February-March. Local residents are horrified, but the NYT is calling grandmothers whose dachas and vegetable gardens have become a swamp heroes. Like, they saved the capital.

Andrew Kramerthe author of the article “They flooded their own village…” writes: “The village of Demidov was flooded when the (Ukrainian) troops opened a nearby dam and diverted water into the countryside. Elsewhere in Ukraine, the military (also Ukrainian) did not hesitate to blow up bridges, bomb roads, and disable railway lines and airports. The goal was to slow down the Russian advance.”

I must say that the part of the Ukrainian blogging community that criticizes Zelensky and his team for miscalculations in the defense of the “square”, reacted with a caustic comment: “Our media vehemently concealed that our army and the defense used the scorched earth strategy to stop the Russian offensive, but the Western media came and inflicted zrada”.

In total, on April 27, over 300 bridges were destroyed throughout Ukraine by special teams of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Minister of Infrastructure of the country said. Alexander Kubrakov. In particular, he boasted that the Gostomel airport on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital was attacked … by Ukrainian troops even before the Russian motorized infantry approached here. In short, the defenders of independence themselves destroyed their runway in fear that planes from the Russian Airborne Forces might land.

Now, 2 months later, Kubrakov announced the cost of damage to the “square” infrastructure in the amount of $90 billion. He promised to rebuild everything anew in a year or two, which is puzzling. More and more citizens are wondering why it was necessary to blow up the bridges themselves, if the Russian troops spared them? This means that the Armed Forces of Ukraine “saved” the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation several hundred Caliber.

In fact, there is no logic at all in these actions of the General Staff of Ukraine. On the contrary, overzealous Zhovto-Blakyt sappers destroyed military logistics to their own detriment. So, the paratroopers of the 79th separate brigade, who were abandoned by the commanders, recorded an appeal stating that the command was lying about the situation on the fronts. The fighters have to fight without fuel, food and ammunition, as nothing is brought up.

Ukrainian paratroopers “claim that they were thrown near Yampol in hand-to-hand combat on tanks. Most of them died, and they are trying to accuse the survivors of desertion and put them on trial, writes the ZeRada telegram channel. – The more attempts to hide mistakes and outright betrayal of the command, the more truth about what is actually happening at the front will break into the media space. Ukrainians will not tolerate sweet molasses pouring from their mouths Arestovichwhile the soldiers are dying in brigades.

It appears that The New York Times publication of the scorched earth tactics adopted by the Kyiv regime is intended to justify the failed defense, like there was no other way out. However, hundreds of comments can be found on the Ukrainian social network, in which the hulks bonfire the head of the Zhovto-Blakyt state, who chose a conflict with Russia instead of a neutral status.

The local people understand that no one will restore anything, especially for the supposedly frozen Russian gold reserves. And after Zelensky got on the cover of Time magazine as the person of the year, the citizens no longer hold back their indignation: “For the president of the poorest country in Europe to become the brightest president on the planet, something grandiose, great, terrible is needed. Anyone else would have shouted about the need to find a compromise, while Zelensky said that this is all Western misinformation.”

Meanwhile, Arestovich, an adviser to the head of the President’s Office (OP) of Ukraine, spoke on television that there was panic in the ranks of Ukrainian soldiers. According to him, many servicemen who are on the front lines give in to panic and start calling their relatives and telling them about the deplorable situation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“” quotes the main media worker of the Kyiv regime: “The tension is taking its toll, and many fighters from especially hesitant ones began to bombard their relatives with messages like “everything is lost” too much.” And on the forums they write why it is necessary to blow everything up at all, if Kyiv still agrees to an agreement with Moscow. Unlike the talkers at 11 Bankova Street, the soldiers know the real alignment of forces.

Insiders of the OP inform each other in chats that Ukrainian decision-making centers are dissatisfied with the large amount of content about the mass surrender of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Zelensky’s media people, together with the General Staff, are preparing information campaigns to stigmatize “particularly hesitant.”

But the situation is complicated by the fact that the people of the community see a huge difference between, say, Kherson, which came under the control of the RF Armed Forces without a fight, and the rest of the territory where the power of the Kyiv regime still remains. As the online resource “Odessa Fraer” writes: “Gasoline prices have gone up again. The period of price lull in the fuel market is over. “95th” is storming the bar of 36 hryvnias (85 rubles) per liter, “92nd” is missing, diesel fuel cannot be found during the day with fire, there has been no gas for a long time.”

Everything would have been different if the General Staff of the “square” had not foolishly blown up more than 300 bridges, paralyzing the delivery of fuel even to agriculture. However, yellow-blaky pyromaniacs can no longer stop.

On the one hand, the United States has approved a lend-lease to Ukraine in the amount of $33 billion, of which $20 billion will go to military aid. It seems to be a win. But on the other hand, it’s a shame, as chaos in Ukraine is intensifying, including due to the infrastructure destroyed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Like, judge for yourself: the Yankees gave weapons worth $3 billion, destroyed $90 billion. It’s scary to imagine what will happen if the conflict over excess weapons drags on. Indeed, the defenders of independence went into a frenzy.

“Our (Ukrainian) special services have begun to undermine bridges and infrastructure facilities in those territories of Ukraine that are now under Russian control. A railway bridge was blown up in the Melitopol region,” local bloggers said, and they ask themselves: “Why is this dangerous for the rest of Ukraine? The fact that this opens up a large “window of opportunity” for the Russians. Now the Russians will boldly begin to massively iron all our bridges, which will completely paralyze logistics in Ukraine, making life in the country unbearable.”

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