Aug 19, 2022
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APU: 300 dollars for the death of a fighter whose liver will be given to others, but the woman will not starve for a month

APU: 300 dollars for the death of a fighter whose liver will be given to others, but the woman will not starve for a month

Photo: AP/TASS

The government of Ukraine gave the commanders of military units the right to certify the wills of their subordinates. From now on, the participation of a notary in the procedure and his signature will be optional.

The corresponding resolution was published on the website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice.

“Under martial law, not only notaries, but also commanders of military formations or persons authorized by the command will have the right to accept military wills,” the text of the document says.

It also explains that after certification, the unit commander must transfer the document to the Ministry of Justice through the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense or any other law enforcement agency. The Ministry, for its part, is obliged to transfer it to notaries within two days, and they already have three days to enter it into the Hereditary Register.

Recall that the other day the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine voted to extend the martial law in the country and the period of general mobilization for another 90 days – until November 21.

Considering that, according to statistics, the average life expectancy of a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the front line is no more than two weeks, then the initiative of the Ukrainian Cabinet looks quite logical. And there is no sensation in it. Moreover, a similar rule applies in Russian legislation.

In particular, according to Art. 1127 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, notarized wills are equated to wills of military personnel “at military deployment points where there are no notaries, as well as wills of civilians working in these units, members of their families and members of the families of military personnel, certified by the commanders of military units.”

True, our legislation requires that such a document be drawn up by the testator in the presence of another witness, who must also put his signature under it. Another important condition: the one who certifies the will does not have the right to sign it if it is made in his favor.

Whether such restrictions will apply in Ukraine is not reported. So, we can assume that now the commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have the opportunity to simply force a soldier (say, at gunpoint) to transfer property in their favor or in favor of their relative.

But even this is still “flowers”.

Information leaked to Ukrainian social networks, according to which the initiative with soldiers’ wills was very actively promoted by the pharmaceutical lobby. And that from his submission, the document of the Cabinet still has, as it were, a closed part. It provides that each will will have an addition that, in the event of death, the military bequeaths his organs “to the state or for good purposes.”

And if everything is so, then this paper will, in fact, become an “indulgence” for organ dealers.

People are outraged: “Big guys will make money not only on living Ukrainians, but also on the dead.”

Meanwhile, scandals with the so-called “black transplantologists” are not uncommon in Ukraine. In April 2017, the Anti-Fascist publication, for example, informed about the detention of six people by the SBU who turned out to be members of a transnational criminal group that specialized in trafficking in internal organs of people. Among them were Lithuanians, Georgians and Americans.

And after the President Zelensky In December 2019, he signed the law “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regulating the Transplantation of Anatomical Materials to Humans” No. 418-IX, “square” generally became just a “Mecca” for traffickers of “human flesh”. Because the right to withdraw and transplant according to this document was received not only by state medical institutions, but also by private clinics. And if there is no written refusal, a person can be “taken apart” simply with the consent of his relatives. Or someone who took the trouble to bury an organ donor. Moreover, even children can be donors.

It is clear that the military component only exacerbated the problem. Moreover, in the West, the demand for transplants remains huge, and rich Europeans and Americans are ready to pay a lot.

Retired colonel, KP military observer Viktor Baranets at the request of “SP” commented on the decision of the Ukrainian government:

It certainly looks exotic. Since Ukrainian soldiers, who are not sure that they will return home safe and sound, can now even bequeath their own internal organs. He prepares and signs all the necessary papers in advance.

That is, he is actually setting up a deadly business in the trenches of the Ukrainian army.

This, I must say, has never happened before. So that the soldier, who is sitting in the trench today, approached the commander and asked: “Certify the will, please. I want my, relatively speaking, liver to be sold, and 300 dollars sent to my mother.

Yes, there was a trade in organs in Ukraine, “black” transplantologists were caught. But now we are talking about the army. About the Ukrainian army, which is ready to sell their livers.

How it raises morale is pointless to say.

It’s just that the soldier knows that his army is dying, he doesn’t have long to live on the battlefield, so he wants to bring at least some benefit to the family after death. So that a woman or mother can at least get these 300 dollars.

That is, they go to the battlefield and, knowing that they will be killed, are already selling themselves. They become merchants of their own body.

If this happens in the army, this army should not think about any victory. This is a doomed army. Because she sells herself.

Of course, no one forces you to write a will: if you want, write, if you want, no. Well, they’ll bury you like a dog somewhere in the fields, they won’t even put a cross…

Head of the Center for Public Applied Problems of National Security Alexander Zhilin I am also sure that the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers simplified all the formalities of the procedure for drawing up a will for a reason:

– I do not rule out that it was lobbied by the so-called “black” organ dealers who make money on this business. Now the organ harvesting for them has been simplified as much as possible.

It is no secret that these vultures are attracted to any military conflict. And, according to my information, these crows flocked to Ukraine shortly before the start of our special military operation.

The proof can be the fact that in the Lviv region, for no apparent reason, two hospitals were formed at once. Moreover, the basis of the medical staff, including the surgical department, is made up of citizens of one well-known foreign state, where this area is very well developed.

Therefore, where there is war, there it was and will be. This happened in Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Syria. And Ukraine in this sense is also at risk.

Imagine a motorized rifle battle, how many will fall on both sides …

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