Sep 13, 2021
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"Approved" Latin alphabet head of the NSDC got confused in English letters

The head of the National Security and Defense Council, who “approved” the translation of Ukraine into the Latin alphabet, could not formulate even one sentence in transliteration and got confused in the English letters.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov, who recently agreed with the proposal to transfer the country from Cyrillic to Latin, wrote a Ukrainian phrase in English transliteration as an illustrative example, but managed to make three mistakes in one sentence at once.

Commenting on the idea of ​​verbal European integration, Danilov wrote on Facebook: “Dyakuyu usim, xto prochy’tav abo posluxav moye interv’yu” Radio Svoboda “(” Thanks to everyone who read or listened to my interview on Radio Liberty *).

The journalists of the Ukrainian portal UNIAN noted that Danilov wrote the proposal incorrectly. First, the word “having read” in Latin should be written without punctuation marks. Second, the words “xto” and “hear” must use the combination of the letters “Kh”, not “x”.

Note that the politician tried to correct mistakes, but at the same time made new ones. He replaced the letter “x” with “h”, resulting in “hto” and “posluhav”.

The proposal to switch to the Latin alphabet is another round in Ukraine’s struggle against the Russian language, which is already prohibited from using in all spheres of life. True, in this case, the country’s authorities will strike a blow at the imposed on the population of the Ukrainian language, because it is also based on the Cyrillic alphabet.

* “Radio Liberty” is included in the register of mass media performing the functions of a foreign agent.

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