Jul 31, 2020
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“Appetites are growing,” the Lawyer Efremova said that the relatives of the deceased wanted to obtain 100 million rubles

Elman Pashayev, representing Mikhail Yefremov in proceedings on the fact of fatal accidents, according to the victim, the mother of Sergey Zakharov. According to the lawyer, relatives of the deceased put forward his requirement to pay them 50 million rubles, and then - a much greater amount.

In an interview with the portal Pasha denied that the native Zakharova refused the money of a celebrity. Relatives of the deceased, on the contrary, demanded financial compensation, and their requests have grown. At first they asked for 50 million, then 100 million and then 150 million, the Lawyer Efremova added that the "appetite" of the relatives of the deceased driver, "continuing to go on different talk shows", grew.

In the case of the fatal accident involving Mikhail Olegovich many victims. However, Pashayev said the chief mother Zakharova, who heard from relatives about her son's death only the day of the funeral. How noted lawyer in the hospital with the injured in an accident the driver was only his girlfriend Irina.

The human rights activist confirmed that Yefremov, very worried about the incident, did not plead guilty to the accident, however, ready to accept the punishment. The next court hearing is scheduled for August 5, but the Pasha intends to request a postponement of the proceedings, as may not be able to attend.

We will remind, on July 30 held a hearing on the case of an accident with Ephraim. The movie star was left under house arrest until 22 January next year and refused a defence request for walks.

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