Sep 14, 2021
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Appeal of representatives of patriotic forces to the leadership of the power structures of Belarus

The editorial board of “Russian Spring” received an open appeal about the future of representatives of the patriotic forces of the Republic of Belarus to the top leadership of law enforcement agencies and power structures.

In the period from 2020 to 2021, the law enforcement agencies and power structures of the Republic of Belarus (SB, MO, VV, SK, MVD, KGB, VKR, Ministry of Emergencies, Prosecutor’s Office, then – siloviki) took a lot of incredible efforts, courage and resilience to ensure that after the electoral campaign of 2020, which led to riots, to pacify the crowds of nationalists who raged under the white-red-white flags, and to prevent a coup d’état in our country according to the Western scenario.

True, the actions of the security forces to suppress the aggressive actions of the nationalists on the streets of the cities of Belarus are just blows to the “tails” of the mankurt.

Then, when the formation of nationalist sentiments in society was carried out (and is being carried out) at a deep level – through the spheres of ideology and education, by opposition-minded teachers, with the support of a number of government officials interested in this.

As examples, we give the content report (from the speech of K. S. Zabavsky at the conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the CP (b) B and the 100th anniversary of the BSSR, held on December 29, 2018 in Minsk, in the House-Museum of the 1st Congress of the RSDLP) civil servants of Belarus “.

The cases described in this report formed the basis for repeated appeals of representatives of the patriotic forces of Belarus to the law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Belarus in order to suppress negative trends.

However, for our repeated appeals, we received only formal replies, both directly from law enforcement agencies, and indirectly through other instances to which they were redirected.

In this regard, we identified an algorithm that prevents the establishment of order in the country, namely: when contacting law enforcement agencies on a number of events based on ideological disputes over history, these issues (by law enforcement agencies) were redirected to the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan (or similar according to the profile of the institution) for obtaining historical information, as a result of which representatives of these organizations, while infected with nationalist hysteria, were able to influence the situation and implemented it in the following way – in response they issued false historical information, which, in fact, neutralized our appeals and, accordingly , opposed the security forces to react to them.

Simultaneously with the opposition to the establishment of order in the country, a number of (false) scientists from the above organizations, hiding behind high government positions, titles and regalia, through scientific conferences, printed materials and the media, latently promoted in society their pseudo-historical conclusions and destructive ideas aimed at popularizing the project of the Belarusian People’s Republics (hereinafter – the BNR), the coat of arms “Pursuit” and the white-red-white flag, and, as it turned out, subsequently contributed to the strengthening of trends leading to the collapse of the state through a coup d’etat.

At present, after the restoration of order and tranquility by the security forces in the Republic of Belarus, civil servants who are opposed to the existing historical order and at the same time infected with nationalist hysteria (most of whom have “dug in” in the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus, into the “sleeping” mode.

That is, they continue to carry out their official duties – under the guise of servility and conciliation with the current political course, while hiding in anticipation of another attempt to organize a coup d’etat in Belarus by the henchmen of the collective West (Poland, USA, EU, NATO) in Belarus, so that in case of its successful implementation again betray the Motherland in favor of the pro-Western BNR project under white-red-white flags.

It should be noted that it is important and necessary for law enforcement agencies to fight on the streets with the manifestations of Belarusian nationalists, ideological followers of policemen and fascists with a nationalist face, who appear under white-red-white flags.

It is even more important and necessary for the power structures to clear the corridors and offices of state power (in all ministries and departments, especially in the field of education) from the “sleeping” agents of the Western metropolises and supporters of the BNR project. And sooner or later, thanks to the strong will and confident actions of the security forces, the causes and consequences of nationalist hysteria in society, leading to the decline and collapse of the state, will be eradicated.

But this is not enough to win the war for Belarus. Instead of nationalist hysteria, the state should offer the society something better.

It would be absurd if, instead of the vector of ethnic nationalism, the vector of state nationalism continues, or the vector of the state bourgeoisie (the nobility) is replaced by the vector of the nationalist bourgeoisie (gentry), or the vector of pseudo-state hysteria (yabatkonism) takes root instead of nationalist hysteria.

That is, if instead of some vectors, others are activated, derivatives of the same “multi-vector” political course, we will again come to nowhere.

In our opinion, in order to win this war, it is necessary to realize the main thing – an alternative to the “multi-vector” present image of a confident future!

Just as in order to conceal the low social responsibility of the representatives of the most ancient profession – ordinary prostitutes – they were pompously nicknamed “priestesses of love”, so for political prostitutes by the nature of their activity, a plausible name was found – “multi-vector” (engaged in “multi-vector” politics).

Thus, the notorious “multi-vector approach” that has formed over the past 25 years in Belarus, based on:
– currying favor with the Germans in the form of praising Hitler (in an interview with the German newspaper “Handelsblatt”, 1995);

– currying favor with the Poles in the form of replacing the Russian language in Belarusian toponymy with inscriptions based on the Polish Latin alphabet (under the nameplate of the pseudo-Belarusian Latin alphabet);

– flirting with the White Poles in the form of permission for the Polish authorities to issue “Pole cards” to the citizens of Belarus (more than 450 thousand of which have already been issued, which actually leads to the ethnic and political decline of the population of Belarus);

– flirting with ethnic nationalism in the form of replacing the real symbol of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War – the Guards Ribbon with newly made apple, pear, plum boutonnieres;

– flirting with state nationalism in the form of a replacement for an international action – the Immortal Regiment march, at the heart of which is the celebration of the victory of the ancestors, achieved by the unity of the peoples of all the republics of the Soviet Union – by the small-town action “Belarus Remembers”, based on the idea of ​​its own exclusiveness;

– “not our wars” (a mocking statement about the Patriotic War of 1812 and the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, in an interview with the Kazakh agency “Khabar”, 2019);

– “oil in exchange for kisses” (an informal formula laid down in the basis of the Union State of Belarus and Russia);

– “sacred independence” (the formation of an ideology of isolation and disintegration as opposed to the ideology of interdependence and integration);

– “economic miracles” (the formation of an ideology based on fabulous concepts);

– “each with a glass and crackling” (the formation of ideology at the level of the stomach);

– and the like, which has already been implemented or is planned to be implemented – a priori and a posteriori is a profanation, does not inspire confidence in sane citizens and cannot be a support for a confident future of Belarus.

In this regard, as a result of painstaking work that lasted more than 5 years, we developed the concept of the symbolism of a confident future and detailed it in the book “Symbols of the future of the USSR”.

This book raises all the burning questions on the topic, makes an excursion into the history of the emergence and use of emblems, coats of arms and flags in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, in particular, provides background information about the BNR project, the “Pogonya” coat of arms and the white-red-white flag.

In addition, the book sets out the basis of a completely new ideology, the purpose of which is to offer a solution for all mankind to use the only opportunity to survive – is to direct all the collective collective power to the exploration and colonization of planets in outer space.

To materialize the ideas outlined in the book, it is proposed to create a real Union of Belarus and Russia with the prospect of joining other states that share common goals and values.

Based on the foregoing, we suggest that you take on board the information set forth in the book “Symbols of the future of the USSR”, especially in the part of the BNR project, the coat of arms “Pursuit” and the white-red-white flag, for use as intended in the information and ideological war unleashed against Of the Republic of Belarus by internal and external enemies.

In addition, we ask you to provide assistance within the framework of your competence, to replace the indefinite course of “multi-vector”, in building a confident future for Belarus.

As a notification, we inform you that the concept of the symbols of the future Union, with the attachment of the book “Symbols of the future of the USSR”, was sent by us for consideration to the Standing Committee of the Union State – Secretary General D.F. Mezentsev, as well as to senior officials and interested persons in the development of relations between the fraternal peoples of Belarus and Russia, the integration of our countries into a real Union and the creation of a confident image of the future to get involved in business.

Valery Ivanovich Perevoshchikov, head of the Patriot military-patriotic complex, veteran of labor and war

Vladimir Mikhailovich Ryzhenkov, coordinator of the National Liberation Movement in Belarus, chairman of the information and educational institution “Our History”

Kirill Sergeevich Zabavsky, coordinator of the international movement “Immortal Regiment” in Belarus, poet, writer, publicist

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