Feb 24, 2021
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Aphorisms of the week from famous people. Issue No. 8

V. Matvienko, speaker of the Federation Council, denied rumors that her pension is 450 thousand rubles. per month: “I have almost 50 years of work experience, my pension is 25 thousand rubles.”

A good pension, 500 rubles per year of work. Nice, but … small.

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M. Piotrovsky, Director of the Hermitage, – on counterfeit exhibits: “The laboratory has now been instructed to investigate the history of new Faberge items that were presented at our exhibition.”

Museum workers, be careful! Among the eggs of old man Karl there are also “leftists”.

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S. Baretsky, showman, about the cemetery for show business stars: “We also want to make a concert venue there, no matter how funny it sounds. Memorial evenings will be held there. “

The most popular stars during their lifetime can not only be seen off with applause, but also buried several times for an encore.

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R. Bessmertny, Ukrainian diplomat: “We are in the first trench. Threats are growing, the club of friends is against Putin, he is wobbling as if on thin legs. “

Do not blame your Western partners: making friends is generally not easy, making friends against someone is doubly difficult, and making friends in the trenches against Putin is also quite dangerous.

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Joe Biden, President of the United States: “I wake up in the morning, I look at my wife Jill and say:” Where the hell are we? ”

Joe: “Where am I? What is this house? Why is he white? Where is our president looking? “
Jill: “Calm down, Joe, this house is White because you are the president.”

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A. Volochkova, ballerina: “They gather in the subway, they gather in the cinema, and in a cafe too. And they don’t even want to come to my free concert. People wake up! Do you have a conscience at all? ”

Just not spectators, but some bastards! Did you try to pay them extra?

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