Feb 17, 2021
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Aphorisms of the week from famous people. Issue No. 7

S. Lavrov, Foreign Minister, – on the readiness to break with the European Union: “We are ready if we see again that sanctions are being imposed in some areas, which create risks for our economy.”

While the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation is talking about the break with Europe, this is not so bad. The trouble is when the commander-in-chief of the Strategic Missile Forces of the Russian Federation will talk about the same thing.

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A. Sherin, State Duma deputy: “Today we have no signs of either communism or socialism, but there is some kind of hapunism.”

What is characteristic: it also cannot be built with a human face.

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S. Lisovskiy, ex-senator, – about the need for cheap labor of migrants in the countryside: “A Russian person will go crazy if it takes 8 hours to pluck a chicken, but the Vietnamese can withstand it psychologically.”

So, because of the greed of the owners of the poultry farms, the Russian peasant now has to either ooze or go out of his native village?

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Sh. Kara-Ool, head of Tuva: “Have any of the scientists analyzed the cause-and-effect relationships of such a phenomenon as the poverty of the population of Tuva?”

Not being a scientist, let us risk guessing one reason: the population of Tuva is paid little.

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D. Kuleba, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, after renaming the village of Novgorodskoe to New York: “You can do even cooler – to hold the UN General Assembly in Ukrainian New York. We are not afraid of challenging tasks. “

There is something in this idea from Ostap Bender’s New Vasyukov. Or how is it now correct in Ukrainian – New-Vasilkov?

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R. Litvinova, director, actress: “The state is obliged to give money for cinema, but it has no right to dictate to us what to shoot.”

It seems like a whole generation of directors has grown up who are better paid, so long as they don’t accidentally make a movie.

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