Sep 16, 2020
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Aphorisms of the week from famous people. Issue No. 38

S. Lavrov, Foreign Minister, said that Russia was placed in the United States after China in terms of its influence on their elections: "Naturally, we are offended to be in second place, because we are used to always being the first."

There is not only a diplomatic runny nose, but also diplomatic humor. If only the State Department distinguished him from a confession.

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A. Myasnikov, doctor and TV presenter, on the number of carriers of COVID-19: “You should be glad that the number is growing. The sooner we will achieve herd population immunity ”.

Few cases are good, many cases are even better. If the doctor is an optimist, then it is more fun for the patient ... to die.

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N. Shumakov, President of the Union of Architects of Russia: "Sooner or later Lenin's body will be buried and the Mausoleum will be freed."

After that, it will be possible to hang a sign on the Mausoleum: "In this building, V. I. Lenin was repeatedly laid."

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S. Glagolev, Adviser to the Minister of Health: "Vaccination in the coming years will become a kind of addition to the passport and visa for international travel."

Mayakovsky also wrote: "I take out my passport with vaccine number one from my wide trousers."

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Sh. Tarpishchev, President of the Russian Tennis Federation, on the defeat of Russian D. Medvedev in the US Open semifinals: “Medvedev lacked a nervous system. He played unevenly. And the quality was good. "

Maybe then it would be more correct to talk not about the nervous, but about the uneven system of a tennis player? Uneven but good.

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Z. Prilepin, writer: “I myself worked in the OMON for a very long time and even dispersed rallies. But I know how to work and how not to work. Here they are there, in Minsk, they work as they should not ”.

If you don’t want Old Man to teach you to write novels, don’t teach him how to break up rallies.

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