Mar 30, 2021
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Aphorisms of the week from famous people. Issue No. 13

E. Nabiullina, Chairman of the Central Bank: “I didn’t remember when I used cash for the last time. Online payments are such a daily routine. “

If you have money, it doesn’t matter in what form you spend it. And to the point that the head of the Central Bank does not have money, we have not yet sunk.

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E. Afanasyeva, Senator: “Agents of foreign influence have been conducting their coordinated work in Russia for 30 years. According to the VTsIOM poll, 3% of our citizens believe that the Earth is flat. “

Foreign agents mainly fight for the rights of minorities, including, apparently, intellectual. It is better known as fools, although 3% of fools is a lot.

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G. Ostapkovich, an economist, – about the gigantic mass of metallic money in the Russian Federation: “They really settle among the population in almost three-liter cans. Now there is a huge surplus of coins. ”

We are here, in short, as we live in Switzerland. We also have all the money in the banks.

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A. Lukashenko, President of Belarus: “Why am I going to work until I’m 80, and when I’m 80, I’ll retire? I will climb the plane, I will still fall on these steps ”.

The main danger for a politician is not to fall off the ladder, but from the career ladder. Moreover, from its top – it hurts the most.

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A. Melnyk, Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany: “Considering the millions of Ukrainian victims of fascist terror, Germany must use all the tools to“ return ”Crimea to Ukraine.”

When Ukraine wants to get Crimea, it calls the Germans. When the Germans want to get Crimea, they call Field Marshal Manstein.

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Kh. Nurmagomedov, ex-UFC champion, – about the rapper Morgenstern: “I really hope that some disciplinary body will appear in our country that will oversee and clean all this dirt from the screens”.

And what did they not share? “Khabib wants an organ, wants to clean the dirt” – sounds quite rapper.

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