Nov 10, 2021
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Apartment owners will have to fork out

Apartment owners will have to fork out

The Chamber of Commerce proposed to deprive citizens of the right to choose a company that manages an apartment building. All economic issues will have to be solved by regional operators, but they will have to pay for this.

This provision is now recorded in the draft Strategy for the Development of the Construction Industry and Housing and Utilities until 2030, which was developed by the Ministry of Construction. Officials came up with the idea of ​​creating new organizations – regional operators for housing management. They themselves will select the management companies (MC) to which they will attach certain districts. As you know, today the right to choose the Criminal Code is reserved for citizens, but, as a rule, residents are not even aware of it. The reason is simple: utilities hold fake meetings of owners, where completely strangers sign for the tenants.

Last spring, the Association “Housing and Public Utilities and the Urban Environment” even came up with an initiative to include this type of fraud in the list of criminal offenses, but the discussion of the innovation stalled. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of cases of such deception throughout the country, sometimes the number of fake protocols reaches 90%.

“The scheme is extremely simple: by signing for others, employees get a kind of legal right, for example, to add additional items of expenses to bills or raise tariffs. In our country, forgery of the minutes of general meetings is just a scourge, ”says Svetlana Razorotneva, chairman of the Commission of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on housing and communal services, construction and roads.

As a result, utilities enter into the payment order items of expenses, the origin of which is impossible to explain. “Once the item“ Remuneration to the head of the management company – 100 rubles from each apartment ”was introduced, – said in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

The Chamber of Commerce said the operators will undertake to cover the costs of accidents and other serious violations in residential buildings. But the funds for this will not be allocated from the budget, but collected from citizens.

“A certain amount will be added to the payment for the maintenance of houses, the funds will be transferred to the regoperators. Operators will begin to accumulate money on accounts and determine what belongs to violations that are covered from this fund and what is not, ”explained Andrey Shirokov, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Committee on entrepreneurship in the field of housing and communal services.

At the same time, experts admit that such a provision does not comply with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation. It states that the general meeting of owners is the supreme governing body of an apartment building. But this norm is practically not used. The new regulation will simply legalize the existing practice.

“The role of owners in recent years has become more and more formal and boils down to sending complaints and paying on time, the rest was taken over by the state,” said Pavel Sklyanchuk, an expert of the All-Russian Popular Front.

Natalia Purtova.

Photo: A. Nikerichev / AGN “Moscow

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