Oct 5, 2021
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Apart from Putin, no one has a plan

At the meeting of the Pravdy Street Club on September 23, I said that the opponents of our country did not dare to transfer the elections to an “irregular” (that is, with riots, ideally, with a transition to an “orange”) scenario. There are several reasons for this, the main one, most likely, is the US policy demonstrated in Kabul, which removes from this country all obligations to their minions in other countries, with the exception of those explicitly described in official contracts. In other words, they will not defend their “5th column”

But the general task of fighting the “Putin regime” (or, in other words, with nationally oriented elites who want to invest in the national economy, and not export them outside the country) is from the liberal (comprador) elites and those who support them abroad , albeit not officially, does not shoot. And so I waited for a reaction. She came.

It all started with the famous “List 35”, potential personal sanctions. You can argue what it means, I can offer one version. It consists in the fact that this is a signal: those who are on this list are enemies of the liberal compradors and they must be actively exterminated. But those who did not get there, on the contrary, should not be offended by the liberal press.

And what do we see? On the Internet, attacks began on Mishustin, who is accused of a variety of outrages, from the fact that he allowed prices to rise to the fact that he continued Medvedev’s policy and did not support small and medium-sized businesses. I wrote a lot here that the rise in prices in our country is external, that small and medium-sized businesses can be supported only through a change in monetary policy, and Mishustin is not under control of it, that Mishustin is actively creating a system of investment in the real sector (which Medvedev is not did) and so on. However, this is completely irrelevant, since the main task of such libelous is to say that Putin is ready to fire Mishustin, which automatically lowers his apparatus efficiency. Nothing personal just business.

But there is also a response. The story with Gref’s deputy Rakova is a blow not only to Gref, but also, again, with reference to various telegram channels, to Belousov. Which, according to a number of experts, “leaked” a tough attack by the Government (read, Mishustin) on metallurgists and chemists, who have been receiving colossal super profits in recent months. Of course, there are many completely unproven gossip here, but there is one subtlety: in the case of Mishustin, there is an outright lie, and in the case of Belousov, only gossip, which, theoretically, may correspond to reality.

Finally, a direct attack on Putin: a colossal interview with the fugitive banker Pugachev to a famous gossip. I did not watch this interview entirely, but I read his other interviews, and therefore I can make an unambiguous conclusion: Pugachev, having got into Power, did not understand it. Power is too difficult for him, he is, rather, only about money. Well, I lost the hardware games, and then it turned out that there is simply no big money without effective work with the Power. Well, or, otherwise, he took off too high for himself, the privateer does not need to get into big politics.

Well, I already said the general conclusion in my speech at the last Club “Street of Truth”: the key issue of our time is the question of the image of the future (which none of the world leaders except Putin has today), and specifically for Russia today it is necessary to clean up the comprador a liberal elite group. Simply because the status of a world power requires an internal economic resource, the creation of which requires development. Which the liberals have limited for 30 years. So the fight will only get stronger.

Mikhail Khazin


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