Aug 25, 2022
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Anya Rudneva spoke about the reunion of “Ranetok”

Recently, news about the forgotten members of the Ranetki group began to appear on the network. At first, Zhenya Ogurtsova admitted that she was raising a special daughter. Then Lena Tretyakova shared the details of her personal life. And then an interview with Anya Rudneva arrived, where she talks about the possibility of reuniting the group.

Anya Rudneva spoke about the reunion of "Ranetok"

“Lena left for permanent residence very far, we never had a relationship with Zhenya. With Nyuta, we once understood everything about each other. People are all adults, everyone has their own projects. And Natasha remains, with whom we have excellent relations .. “I can’t understand why I need to do this all over again? Is it worth it? If I have such an interesting life now, if I have not associated myself with a little artist in ripped jeans for a long time, I already have a different story for a long time Why do I need all this? Although, maybe someday we will also go on stage,” Anya said in an interview with the Life project.

By the way, Tretyakov is really unlikely to return to Russia. And it’s not about her political views. She left for Argentina to marry her friend. And there she gave birth to a child with the help of a donor.

Anya Rudneva spoke about the reunion of "Ranetok"

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