Oct 22, 2021
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Anxiety and Depression During Pregnancy Increase the Risk of Caesarean Section

Scientists from the University of Michigan analyzed data from more than 360,000 women in labor who were admitted to maternity wards in the state from 2008 to 2017. Almost every fourth expectant mother (24%) required a cesarean section.

The researchers focused on cases of diagnosed depression and anxiety among women, cases of caesarean section in this group, and indications for this measure. Mental disorders were diagnosed in 3.1% of pregnant women. These were mostly older women compared to those who did not have such problems.

After adjusting the data for various factors, it turned out that depression and anxiety by 3.5% increase the risk of the need for a primary caesarean section in women who do not have indications for it for health reasons.

In the future, the authors of the study plan to study the mechanism of the influence of the mental state of the mother on complications during childbirth, which is still unclear. In any case, women should receive timely diagnosis and assistance.

“Caesarean section is the main factor in the development of various diseases in mothers, and we must minimize all risks,” the scientists said.

Earlier, scientists at Imperial College London found that half of pregnant women with severe toxicosis suffer from depression. Most of them felt so bad that they had to take leave of four weeks or more. At the same time, in the control group, only 6% of women were diagnosed with the same mental disorder.

Postpartum depression was later diagnosed in 29% of women suffering from toxicosis, while only 7% of the control group suffered from this condition.

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