Feb 23, 2021
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Anton Makarsky’s wife released an archival photo of the artist taken during his military service

13:10, 23.02.2021

Victoria called her husband an example for their son Ivan.

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Today Russia celebrates Defender of the Fatherland Day. Many stars have already congratulated their men on this holiday. On this day, Anton Makarsky’s wife shared an archive photo of her husband, which was taken during the actor’s military service.

“Private Makarsky 🙂 @ anton.makarskiy After graduating from the theater institute. Shchukin, and having received almost all the main roles in the “Theater at the Nikitsky Gate”, my future beloved husband, unexpectedly for everyone, went to the military registration and enlistment office and asked the commissar Rimma Matveyevna: – “I want to repay the Motherland, take me to serve!” This is my beloved husband 🙂 I am glad that our son has such an example, such a dad! ” – wrote Victoria Makarskaya in her microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes – Prim. row.).

Archival photo of Anton Makarsky taken during his military service

It is worth noting that Makarsky’s wife also remembered the story of Anton’s acquaintance with his mother. Victoria’s parent was not only a foreman, but also a military paramedic. Therefore, when she first met her daughter’s future husband, she asked Anton if he had served in the army. “My mother, foreman, military paramedic, seeing Anton, first of all asked: -” Did you serve? ” The future son-in-law # answered cheerfully: – “That’s right!” Mother-in-law “melted” 🙂 Since then, the family has peace and deep mutual respect! ” – concluded Victoria.

Recall that Anton and Victoria Makarsky have been together for over 20 years. The future spouses met at the casting of the musical “Metro” in 1999, and got married a year later. On July 2, 2003, Anton and Victoria officially registered their relationship. Only in 2012, a child appeared in a star family. Then Victoria gave her husband a daughter, who was named Maria. And three years later, the Makarskys became parents again. This time they had a boy, Ivan.

Anton and Victoria Makarsky with children

I must say that even after so many years of living together, the star couple demonstrates an idyll. However, from time to time, Anton and Victoria found themselves in the center of attention of the secular press due to disagreements in the family. So, in 2018 in the program “Guests in the morning” Victoria spoke about the difficult authoritarian nature of her husband. Like, the artist adheres only to his opinion about all aspects of life together, including raising children. So, if Victoria tries to surround her son and daughter with love and care, then Anton, in turn, behaves strictly with them. This is especially true of the relationship between Makarsky and the youngest child.

In addition, Victoria said that she and Anton were on the verge of divorce three times. Moreover, according to Makarsky himself, he left home several times. And only the persuasion of his wife forced him to stay every time and not ruin the family. At the same time, Victoria Makarskaya herself does not believe that she and her husband have problems in their relationship. In her opinion, disputes between spouses are absolutely normal, and she and Anton cannot live without each other.

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