Oct 15, 2020
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Antipov sheds light on the “mouse fuss” in the investigation of the case of MH17

The investigation on flight MH17 has acquired a biased character, so the Russian side must change its tactics and make all the facts and irrefutable evidence that denounce the version of Dutch specialists widely known in the world media. Technical expert Yuri Antipov said this to NewInform.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that further participation of the country in consultations with Australia and the Netherlands on the crash of the Malaysian Boeing-777 flight MH17 became impossible. An official statement about this is posted on the website of the foreign department.

The Foreign Ministry said that despite the fact that documents were provided that “shed light on what happened and refute many of the“ conclusions ”of the investigation," The Hague filed a complaint with the ECHR against Russia. The Foreign Ministry believes that such a step makes it meaningless for the Russian Federation to participate in further consultations on the case. It is noted that some of the materials provided had to be declassified.

Technical expert Yuri Antipov believes that the decision to change the format of the dialogue is not entirely correct. As well as the fact that earlier all communications were also wrong due to the vicious rhetoric of Western countries.

“I am convinced that all actions to provide evidence should have been publicly and widely covered in the media, including the world one. And for each document to voice specific facts indicating the date, place and names of interested parties when transferring from Russia to Holland. So that everything is official, and not so - to the village of my grandfather, ”the interlocutor shared his opinion.


If all the parties complied with this regulation, then all the amazing things that the defense side faced would not have happened in court, Antipov believes.

“In particular, it was only during the court session that it became clear that the materials from Almaz-Antey were for some reason in the Dutch Security Council, where they were immediately classified. Moreover, even the Dutch prosecutor was not familiar with the documents. As a result, due to the fact that the transfer of important evidence was not advertised, Russia lost its trump cards on the eve of the trial and during the hearings. This had a negative effect on the country's image and provoked a lot of criticism, ”the expert is outraged.

Antipov said that Russia was actually accused of not cooperating with the investigation. According to the expert, it is necessary to continue the dialogue of communication, but to change its technique, focusing on specific things.

“It is also necessary to develop an alternative version of the investigation, within which to summarize all publicly available and known evidence and facts that refute the version of the Dutch specialists. The investigation is of a biased nature, therefore, it is necessary to involve not only the Russian side, but also the conclusions of foreign experts, proving in detail the lies of the "Dutch facts", ”the specialist is sure.


Antipov recalls that there are such specialists both in Holland itself and in Germany, in particular, detective Resh. Also, the technical expert recalls the analytical data of the audio files, which were studied by the specialists of Malaysia.

“I would like to emphasize that every step and all conclusions on all actions of the international commission should be widely covered in the world press. And, first of all, to make available the results of this commission's activities to all relatives of the victims. Thus, you can influence their views on the support of the propaganda against Russia, ”said the technician.

Antipov believes that it is necessary to conduct a series of "clean" experiments with the participation of all interested parties, which, in conjunction with the earlier studies of the Almaz-Antey company, will finally close the topic of uncertainty in the true reasons for the collapse of MH17. The results of these experiments are already available, they also need to be covered in the world press, the source is convinced. It is necessary to prevent the repetition of the mistakes of the Almaz-Antey corporation, which conducted the experiment, recreating the situation with the Buk missile.

“And all this should be presented in a new format, it will be a competent and logical response of Russia to the rat western fuss with sanctions and lawsuits against our country. After all, when do mice become active in the house? In the dark! So let the new format shed light, mice in bright light immediately scatter over their burrows. And in the future they will think a hundred times whether they should stick out in a bright light, when all their movements will be in plain sight, ”summed up Antipov.

The Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 was flying MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. The plane crashed over the Donetsk region on July 17, 2014. All 298 people, including the pilots, were killed.

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