Oct 8, 2021
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Anti-human capitalism. What are voters and communists to do?

Anti-human capitalism.  What are voters and communists to do?

Photo: Sergey Malgavko / TASS

Elections to the State Duma of the 8th convocation were held, in which in Moscow, due to DEG (remote electronic voting), candidates from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in 15 single-mandate constituencies could not get into parliament.

Outraged deputies of the State Duma, candidates and voting participants legally held meetings of deputies with voters on October 20 and 25, 2021, protesting and demanding to cancel the results of the DEG in Moscow. In response, instead of a constructive dialogue, high-ranking officials of the authorities organized a process to detain and bring to administrative responsibility more than 100 people for allegedly unauthorized rallies.

The Moscow activists of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, representatives of the “Left Front”, current deputies of the State Duma and the Moscow City Duma, former candidates for the State Duma, journalists, activists and ordinary citizens were subjected to repression. According to Art. On 20.2, part 5 and part 8 of the Administrative Code, the activists were fined from 10 to 150,000 rubles, and many received administrative arrests from 10 to 20 days.

At the same time, it should be understood that the Russian people have not yet canceled the rules on the right of current State Duma deputies to communicate with their voters in the format of a regular meeting on the streets of cities. Russians, as never before, in the year of the 30th anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union, will need to remember about the “air of democracy” and “freedom of speech”, which the reformers spoke about at every corner in the late 1980s when introducing capitalism on the Russian land!

In protest – against illegal detentions and ignoring the demands of Muscovites to cancel the results of electronic voting in the elections to the State Duma in Moscow – the Communist Party faction left the meeting of the Moscow City Duma. Also, representatives of various political forces created a Committee for the abolition of remote electronic voting.

Most likely, the numerous arrests are not accidental, but are a systematic and demonstrative action to clean up the political field from opposition forces and intimidate a number of social groups. Voters are shown in this way who they need to vote for. In addition, they are reminded who is the boss in the country – so that not a single soul dares to open its mouth and be indignant, expressing dissatisfaction with the manipulation of the elections.

Moreover, the country has big elections ahead. In 2023, Muscovites will hire an employee for the position of the capital’s mayor. And in 2024, Russians will have to select an employee for the presidency.

That is why in the “kingdom” there should be deathly silence and complete calm in the political space, so as not to frighten and not make people think about the cause of all their troubles. For their task is not to think, but to maintain the system, to develop a digital environment in the interests of big capital, to extract oil, gas, coal, precious metals and other resources, as well as to create a high added value of products, ensuring a constant increase in capital from domestic and foreign owners of large organizations. and enterprises in Russia.

Well, as a result, today quite real preconditions are emerging for the emergence of new “popular” legislative initiatives by 2023, limiting not only the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens, but possibly the powers of the State Duma deputies.

In the paradigm of the events taking place in recent years, it is simply obvious that under the pretext of unity and consolidation of society, defending against external enemies (but for some reason owning shares in systemically important Russian enterprises), deputies can be prohibited from criticizing the government for the economic course in the interests of the big bourgeoisie from the parliamentary tribune, and inform the public about anti-popular laws on the Internet.

Moreover, formally everything will be “fair” and according to the “law”. Only at the same time it is advisable to remember the words that are more relevant than ever. IN AND. Lenin: “Law is the will of the ruling class raised into law”!

In modern conditions, there can be no illusions and the course of a virus called capitalism that has been raging for 30 years in the vastness of Russia has long been clear – the formation of a digital concentration camp, a departure from statehood, the construction of a caste society with slaves and slave owners. To protect Russians from persecution, preserve and modernize the country in the new conditions of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the people’s party promoting socialist ideology, it is vitally important for the communists of the Duma to prepare legislative initiatives obliging the authorities not to violate the rights and freedoms of citizens.

The changes should eradicate the practice of arrests for speaking out about the anti-state policy of civil servants, bans on holding mass events, rallies and meetings with deputies under various pretexts. Without such transformations, the people will not have the opportunity to freely express their will, and democratic foundations will not be formed in the country.

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In accordance with clauses 6, 7 and 9 of Article 8 of the Federal Law from 08.05.1994 No. 3-FZ (as amended on December 22, 2020) “On the status of a senator of the Russian Federation and the status of a deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation” that their implementation will not entail disruption of the functioning of life support facilities, transport or social infrastructure, communications.

The executive authorities of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation or local self-government bodies determine specially designated places for holding meetings of State Duma deputies with voters, and also determine the list of premises provided for holding meetings of State Duma deputies with voters, and the procedure for their provision. When holding meetings in these places, it is not necessary to notify the executive authority.

Meetings of a State Duma deputy with voters in the form of a public event in other places are held in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on meetings, rallies, demonstrations, processions and pickets.

In turn, paragraph 1 of Article 7 of the Federal Law from 19.06.2004 No. 54-FZ (as amended on 12/30/2020) “On meetings, rallies, demonstrations, processions and picketing” it is established that a notification of a public event by a deputy of a legislative (representative) body of state power, a deputy of a representative body of a municipal formation in order to inform voters about their activities when meeting with voters are submitted no earlier than 10 and no later than 5 days before the day of the public event. In accordance with this law, the executive authority in a number of cases has the right to refuse to approve a public event.

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