Sep 15, 2020
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Another giant funnel appeared on Yamal

Huge holes and cracks in the ground appear in different parts of the planet, which makes people worry about the processes taking place in the bowels of the planet. Some scientists are seriously considering the possibility that such dips and cracks indicate serious anomalies on the planet.

Experts say that the map of the continents may change in the near future, and such processes warn people about the split of the earth into smaller parts. On Yamal, 17 huge craters in the ground have already been recorded. Failures began to appear in 2014, and the last failure was assigned the number 17. Most of the information about such failures was obtained during the study of the Seyakhinskaya funnel.

Scientists have studied such gaps and shared information: huge cavities in the ground appear in permafrost, and the gaps themselves are filled with gas, which is under high pressure. A cover made of earth covers such cavities, but sooner or later the gas breaks out, which causes a huge funnel to appear.

The gas pressure should be about 12 atmospheres, after which the gas is able to break through the permafrost. Something like an explosion happens, and ice and soil can scatter hundreds of meters from the resulting cavity, and the depth of such craters can reach fifty meters.

The greatest danger of the appearance of such funnels is for the cities where they can form. Moreover, experts report that some large cities are built on similar gas chambers, so people need to be warned about the danger.
The processes in the bowels of our planet must be studied more carefully in order to understand what awaits us in the future, experts from the scientific world say.

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