Nov 14, 2021
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Anna Zavorotuk admitted that her life was divided into “before and after” due to her mother’s illness

The daughter of actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Anna spoke about how she is experiencing her mother’s illness. The model stated that the illness of the star of the TV series “My Fair Nanny” changed her whole life.

Anna Zavorotnyuk on her personal Instagram account talked to her subscribers. The daughter of the star mother commented on the news of her engagement. The model really received a marriage proposal, but the event happened a long time ago. The star did not want to deal with the organization of the wedding because of the difficult condition of the mother of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.

“You probably understand what I’m talking about,” the blogger turned to the followers.

Touching upon the topic of the mother’s illness, the heiress Zavorotnyuk admitted that this tragic event completely changed her life. She answered an exciting question from fans and talked about her feelings.

“Now life is like before and after,” the model shared her revelation.

Anna Zavorotnyuk recently shared a candid photo from her vacation in Turkey. Subscribers enthusiastically reacted to the erotic photo. The girl put on a bathrobe and high-heeled shoes, and wrapped a towel around her head. The exposed thigh in the picture captured all the attention of the fans.

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