Oct 18, 2021
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Anna Snatkina showed how she and her husband and daughter had fun on Sunday


Actress Anna Snatkina shared a video of a Sunday family dance.

Theater and film actress Anna Snatkina, together with her husband Viktor Vasiliev, is raising a daughter. Veronica is 8 years old. The star family decided to please the followers on Instagram. They learned several movements and performed them in a fiery way. Veronica was the first to start her home performance, and then her parents joined the girl. Fans appreciated the creative performance and were touched by the family idyll.

Note that the daughter of famous artists is in grade 2. Veronica tries to please her parents with academic and sports successes.

What a good family 😍Everyone on the same wavelength! Great 😊 ”,“ Cool very cool, cool idea, you have an amazing family ”,“ Wonderful family 🧡 What could be better than a music and dance weekend 😍 ”,“ What are you cool Well done ” , “Cool 🔥👍👏 So cool 😍”, “On the same wavelength! Well done !!! 😍👍 “,” Super! Bravo! 👏“, – comment fans on Instagram.

And today Snatkina congratulated her colleague, friend and artistic director of the Moscow Provincial Theater, Sergei Bezrukov, on his birthday. The artist is 48 years old.

Anna Snatkina and Sergei Bezrukov in the play Pushkin
Anna Snatkina and Sergei Bezrukov in the play “Pushkin”

Seryozha is my dear friend, Sergey Vitalievich is my wonderful artistic director, Pushkin is my colleague and wonderful partner, Happy Birthday! Your talent delights, your energy energizes, your kind heart does not leave anyone indifferent! May everything that has been planned come true, all dreams will certainly come true! Love, kindness, happiness and warmth to you and your family🌹💐👏🎆!“, – wrote Anna Snatkina on Instagram.

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