Oct 12, 2021
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Anna Snatkina showed her beautiful daughter and talked about her new successes


38-year-old actress Anna Snatkina shared a photo with her 8-year-old daughter and congratulated Veronica on the prize in the rhythmic gymnastics competition.

The performer of the leading role in the TV series “Tatiana’s Day”, Anna Snatkina, posted a joint picture with her daughter Veronica on her personal Instagram page. In this way, the celebrity presented a new achievement of the heiress.

Snatkina’s daughter is engaged in rhythmic gymnastics. The 8-year-old athlete recently took part in regular competitions and won the silver of the tournament. The girl posed after the award ceremony with her parent. Veronica with a bun on her head and in a blue gymnastic leotard with transparent inserts on the sides and large rhinestones hugged her mother. Snatkina, in a white shirt with a turn-down collar, also made a bun on her head.

Anna Snatkina with her daughter Veronica
Anna Snatkina with her daughter Veronica

My pride, my Heart ❤️, my beloved Veronica, I congratulate you on a wonderful performance. I see your colossal work, your desire, your will to win! Go boldly, shine brightly! I am always near!“, – wrote Anna in the comments below the photo.

Congratulations! My beauties !!“, – said the actress Ekaterina Vulichenko.

Anna’s fans congratulated the actress and her daughter on the new award: “What are you beautiful !!! 😍 Health, success and new achievements !!!! 🏆🥇 “,” Incredible beauty girl😍, be healthy and happy🙏 “,” And we, all your subscribers, congratulations! Talented parents have talented children 😍 “,” Veronica is beautiful and smart🏅🎉“.

Earlier, Snatkina told how she got home from filming at night to get her beloved daughter to school.

Veronica Vasilieva
Veronica Vasilieva

All night on the road. I wanted to surprise my daughter: wake her up with a kiss, hug her, pack her to school. And what a joy it is to hear a clear voice: “Mom, you have arrived!” And strong hugs with small palms. Nothing on Earth can replace this happiness. I am ready not to sleep for days for such moments, for the sake of a ringing voice, for the sake of small palms that hug you and you understand that you are endlessly loved just for being there!“, – Anna shared with her fans.

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