Apr 19, 2021
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Anna Snatkina showed a photo of her grown-up daughter


37-year-old actress Anna Snatkina in honor of the birthday of her daughter Veronica shared her photo.

The star of the series “Desantura” tenderly congratulated the child on his birthday.

Happy birthday, my angel, my heart, my VVVLove. Live brightly, go boldly, be yourself! And we, together with Viktor Vasiliev, are always with you“, – she wrote. The artist supplemented the post with hashtags: “love”, “happiness”, “family” and “8 years”.

Daughter of Anna Snatkina
Daughter of Anna Snatkina

Vasiliev also boasted of a charming daughter. The showman unveiled a rare snapshot of Veronica. She starred in an airy pink dress with a fluffy hem. The little blonde’s hair was loose. The girl sat thoughtfully in the room, averting her eyes from the camera.

Happy birthday, my angel. Best birthday today. At this time (23:40) 8 years ago you were born. Love you. Highly. Be happy. I will do everything for this. Everything“, – wrote the former captain of the KVN team” Team of St. Petersburg “.

Daughter of Anna Snatkina
Daughter of Anna Snatkina

Fans of the star couple joined in the wishes. “I congratulate you! “,” Happiness, health and all the very best! “,” Happy birthday to your daughter “,” Happy birthday to the little princess “,” Pretty, happiness to her! “,” Good health and a happy life ” , “May it please you with its beauty, intelligence, success and victories! ” – they commented.

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