Nov 10, 2021
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Anna Semenovich was forced to reduce her breasts


Singer and presenter Anna Semenovich admitted that she had health problems, and she refused to communicate with men.

Anna’s magnificent bust is always of great interest. Many suspected that the former lead singer of “The Brilliant” achieved feminine forms thanks to the efforts of a plastic surgeon. Semenovich herself was very embarrassed by her chest. She was so tired of everyone discussing her bust that she decided to reduce it. The singer required serious surgery and long-term recovery.

I was so pecked at by society that I decided to have an operation. In 2015, I reduced my breasts. The first operation did not go very smoothly, I did several of them. I spent almost a year of my life recovering. I recovered, I had hormone therapy. I didn’t work for almost a year, I rarely gave concerts. I finished all relationships with men for a year, plunged into myself“, – said Anna.

It was not plastic that helped to become a happy artist, but work with a psychologist. Semenovich learned to accept herself as she is, and refused to transform. “Once I looked at myself in the mirror and said: “Yes, 10 years ago you weighed 10 kilograms less, but that didn’t make you worse, your work didn’t diminish. You do not need to cut your chest, starve from morning to night. ” Now I don’t really care if people love me. I fell in love with myself. My eyes shine, and it doesn’t matter – is there a man next to me, is there a child, whether the audience loves me“, – emphasized the performer of the hit” Mani Boy “.

Anna Semenovich
Anna Semenovich

According to the TV presenter, her breasts often serve as inspiration for those who want to make money. Anna found out about a businessman who wanted to release candy in the shape of her bust. To get rid of obsessive suggestions, the star took a desperate step. “I patented the chest. You take a picture of the bust every 10 years and file it for a patent“, – explained the artist.

Anna tries to keep fit and eat right. Actress of the film “Irony of Fate. Continuation “became interested in intermittent fasting. This method is very common among foreign and domestic celebrities, because it allows you to stay slim and at the same time indulge in your favorite dishes. But Semenovich had to abandon this method of losing weight due to health problems.

I have some gallbladder problems. I don’t like the fancy 16 by 8 fasting system, although it’s very cool. I can’t starve much. I eat quite fractionally, often and just right. Today I ate steamed cod cutlets. But sometimes I break down, I won’t lie. Especially if she has abused her friends the day before. I have a food system: I hold on for two weeks, and for two days I allow myself “loading days” and eat whatever I want“, – said Semenovich in the show Ida Galich” The star in the answer. “

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