Nov 10, 2021
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Anna Semenovich started romance with two men


Singer and presenter Anna Semenovich does not know who to choose.

The artist said that she has serious requirements for her life partner. According to the star, she wants to find a man from whom she can give birth to a child. First of all, the singer assesses the paternal qualities of the future chosen one and the willingness to take care of loved ones.

I have a couple of applicants. They are not from show business. One insolent young businessman makes his way to me, the second is also a businessman, but older, more intelligent. While I’m leaning towards the elder, but the young is very persistent. Who knows how it will spin me … We still have such trips to the restaurant with them, we are at the stage of courtship. They are very different. Hard to choose. Sex has not yet been with either one or the other“, – said Anna.

Semenovich received a marriage proposal three times. The former soloist of the “Brilliant” group once played a wedding ceremony with Daniil Mishin. The lovers could not officially register the marriage due to the peculiarities of Anna’s work.

Anna Semenovich
Anna Semenovich

Danka was my first big love when I was still in figure skating. In sports, marrying and getting married at a young age is discouraged. And then we played a wedding without an official list. We lived with him for four years“, – said Semenovich.

The performer of the hit “Sexy Bomb” has a positive attitude towards long-distance relationships and had a similar experience. The actress admitted that she was having an affair with a foreigner. Semenovich took pleasure in romance and tried not to pay attention to friends who did not say what she wanted to hear.

At one time, my man did not live in Russia. We’ve met. It was a guest marriage for a year and a half. And at that moment it suited me very much, because before that I had not a very pleasant relationship. You do not owe anything to anyone, you do not report, you receive gifts. A guest marriage and an open relationship are basically the same thing. At that time, I wanted fun and joy, and I got it. We have flown a lot around the world. When we met in Moscow, he came to my house“, – Anna admitted in Ida Galich’s show” The star is responsible “.

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