Jun 6, 2022
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Anna Semenovich showed a figure after liposuction


Singer Anna Semenovich was captured in a swimsuit on board a yacht in Turkey.

Anna Semenovich began preparing for the summer season back in February, when she signed up for liposuction at a well-known clinic. The singer complained that despite her efforts and strict diets, she still couldn’t shed volumes in “the right places.” The plastic surgeon saved her from the second chin, thick arms and swollen fat belly.

On the eve of Semenovich, for the first time after the operation, she showed everyone her renewed figure. She stripped down to her bathing suit while on vacation on a yacht in Turkey, where she is vacationing.

Anna Semenovich
Anna Semenovich

Changes in the appearance of Anna made a strong impression on many fans. “Wow, how you lost weight”, “This is a figurine! Where did you get such a swimsuit?”, “The real beauty”, Praise Semenovich on the Web.

By the way, the singer, even during the holidays, tries to follow the right lifestyle. After all, if she returns to her old habits, then the problem of excess weight will quickly return. Therefore, on the eve of Semenovich, she spent the whole day in the spa for a massage.

Anna Semenovich
Anna Semenovich

Recently, we recall, the artist announced the exact dates when she will become a mother. It’s no secret that 44-year-old Semenovich has been planning a pregnancy for a long time. Last year, she took the plunge and froze her eggs in case she didn’t meet the man of her dreams in time. “If before 45 I can’t give birth on my own, then I will calmly resort to the services of a surrogate mother and become a happy mother with the help of this technology,” Anna says.

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