Nov 14, 2021
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Anna Semenovich received a fabulously expensive gift from a fan


Singer and presenter Anna Semenovich spoke about the expensive gift.

The artist received a gold Swiss watch with a scattering of diamonds in the amount of 45 pieces as a gift from a rich boyfriend. The performer’s fan is Vadim. He is a realtor by profession. They talked about this in the program “You Won’t Believe It!” on the NTV channel.

I, frankly, am shocked that men in our time of crisis are ready for such gifts. “He said,“ You’re so cool. I really like you, charismatic woman. I get high on you. I want to give you such a gift. ” This watch stands in the region of five million rudders.“, Said Anna Semenovich.

Expensive watch that Semenovich presented
Expensive watch that Semenovich presented

As the admirer Semenovich Vadim noted, he regards this watch not as a gift, but as an asset. “Rare Swiss watches – they grow in price from year to year. I am in real estate. I am also an investor“, – he said.

Recall that now in life Anna Semenovich has a lover. However, they do not live together, but simply meet.

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