Nov 11, 2021
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Anna Semenovich made millions on her courses


Singer Anna Semenovich spoke about her additional income.

The artist, in an interview with Ida Galich, announced the amount she earned on her psychological marathon.

How much did you earn on your marathon?“- asked the performer Ida Galich.

I can’t say that I earned a lot the first time. Not really earned much. There were very small prices. Up to three thousand rubles. There was a psychologist, endocrinologist, cosmetologist“, Said Anna Semenovich.

Anna Semenovich
Anna Semenovich

How many people have completed the marathon?“- Ida Galich continued to ask questions.

About a thousand“, – said Anna Semenovich.

That is, how much is obtained in rubles. Three millions. Anya, how little“, – said Ida Galich.

Previously, Anna Semenovich was criticized by haters when she organized a psychological marathon. Many did not understand how she could give advice if by the age of forty she could not start a family.

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