Jan 15, 2022
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Anna Semenovich grabbed her fiancé


Singer and presenter Anna Semenovich went to the show “Let’s get married.”

The actress is unlucky in her personal life – the last novel ended last year. A rich Englishman courted Semenovich for a long time: “We talked via Skype. But I want to hug, fall asleep together. He called to move to London, but I was not ready. Since then, the 41-year-old singer has been single.

The desperate artist came to the show “Let’s get married!” look for a lover. By the way, Guzeeva herself was surprised that such a bright and popular singer could not arrange her personal life.

There is no time to get acquainted. And I work so much that sometimes I don’t understand what city I am in and what day of the week it is. I need a husband who will accept that I will continue to work. But I’m ready to work less, ready to get married, ready for a family”, – Semenovich admitted on the air of the show “Let’s get married!”.

Anna Semenovich
Anna Semenovich

In the studio of Channel One, three men clashed for the heart of the ex-soloist of the “Brilliant”. Yuri surprised Anna by owning his own real estate company. Besides, he already knew her. “You are the girl of my dreams,” the groom said dreamily. As a result, Anna concluded: “Not bad, with humor, plump. It’s cool that he’s on his feet“.

The second groom is Dmitry, a professional football player and bodyguard. After the injury, he is temporarily forced to walk with a crutch. The athlete is 11 years younger than Semenovich, but this does not bother him. The third groom, Maxim, said that he was fond of yoga and had no bad habits. The groom ideally suited the singer by age, but he was embarrassed by the presence of children.

But in the end, the celebrity chose Yuri. Performing a hit, she went down to him and invited him to the stage to finish singing her song “Looking for a Husband” together.

Before that, Anastasia Volochkova found a groom on the program. It is curious that with Sergey, who came to look for love at “Let’s Get Married!”, It was by no means a potential bride who left, but an invited guest-ballerina. It was she who brought the owner of the bath complex to the studio of the program as a groom. However, during the filming, everyone realized that a spark ran between Anastasia and Sergey. This immediately caught the eye of Larisa Guzeeva. “Nastya, you look good!“- said the presenter.

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