Feb 17, 2021
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Anna Semenovich explained why she does not agree to judge television shows

10:54, 02/17/2021

The singer often receives such offers.

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40-year-old Anna Semenovich is known not only for her vocal talents, but also famous for her sports achievements. She was actively involved in figure skating and made progress in this sport. But now, unlike many artists, the singer does not take part in any television projects. Semenovich explained why she does not.

“Why am I not participating in this or that show? I’ll put it this way: I’m allergic to refereeing. Since childhood, I have been judged so often in competitions – first in professional sports, then in ice shows! It never brought me joy and happiness. When I, with bated breath, await the assessment, I am ready to faint from stress, “the singer said in her microblog on Instagram (the author’s spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given without changes. – Prim. row.).

Anna admitted that in her life she was often faced with unfair judging, which sometimes depended simply on the mood of the jury members. “Often assessments are not fair, they mix up the mood or personal attitude towards you, the person who is judging you. How many times, after the competition, I cried into my pillow from resentment and disappointment! ” – said the artist.

Anna Semenovich

Semenovich admitted: after what she experienced in childhood and adolescence, she no longer wants to experience anything like this. Therefore, now she lives for her own pleasure. “I want to enjoy life, not wait for these false grades. And now I take part in shows, in which there are no judges, in which there is only joy, humor and pleasure, ”concluded the singer. Anna admitted: soon she’s going to one of these projects. The star has not yet declassified the details.

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