Sep 12, 2020
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Anna Semenovich: “At 40, life is just beginning!”

Anna Semenovich: "At 40, life is just beginning!"

Anna never hid her age. And the superstition prevalent in the artistic environment (that supposedly celebrating 40 years is a bad omen) does not share.

But it turned out that the singer did not succeed in celebrating this round date: the coronavirus pandemic made its own adjustments to both the artist's creative and personal plans. She told us about this frankly when we met.

And we met with Anna in one of the capital's restaurants, where she, together with Andrei Gaidulyan, shot a video for her new song "Mani Boy".

- Anna, in your new video is a story about how a man who looks after you does not impersonate who he really is. Do you often meet such people in your life?

- Many men behave this way, this is their integral feature. And by and large we all want to seem better than we really are, especially when we first meet. We get to know each other only with time, but at first we all spread our tails like peacocks. But I have a gorgeous intuition that always saved me: I always see some kind of catch, some kind of lies, I know how to get through people.

At the same time, the status of a person is not so important for me: he is an oligarch or not - it is more important that I am interested and comfortable with this person. I earn money myself. Although, of course, there are different moments in life: sometime a woman earns more, sometime a man, it is difficult to predict in advance.

Who, for example, could have known that 2020 would bring us such a story? We all counted on him, we all waited and believed that everything would be cool, we all had plans: trips, business - and it all collapsed ...

And about men I will also say: it happens that today your man earns a little, and six months later he already brings home a lot of money. The main thing here is that he has the potential, that he wants to make money, that he has the brains for this. If a man is lazy, just lies on the couch and watches TV, if it is enough for him to eat only boiled sausages, then he has no ambitions and he will not strive for anything. And those who want to have a good car, real estate, will find a way to make money. In our time, there are many opportunities for this.


- Has this difficult year changed something in your mind? Maybe, in connection with the pandemic and self-isolation, some life principles were revised?

- Yes, a lot has changed. Before, I lived all the time in fear that I would not be able to do something. And very often she sacrificed her personal life, communication with friends and girlfriends, with family, parents for the sake of a career. And during the quarantine, I realized that there is nothing wrong with the fact that you can simply not work for four months, that the buzz of life exists not only when you are covered, but also when you are on vacation. But in my life it has always been so that vacation is two weeks in January and two weeks in August, the rest of the time I worked in some unrealistically frantic schedule ...

I also realized that I get pleasure from household chores - I learned how to use various complex home appliances, iron things beautifully, come up with new dishes and cook them. I learned how to lead a life and get tremendous pleasure from it! In general, I realized that to be happy, you don't have to be successful in your career. You may not be successful in your work, but you will still be happy in your family!

- But in connection with the pandemic, many plans collapsed? What had to be canceled? I know you didn't even celebrate your birthday the way you originally wanted ...

- I didn't mark it at all - it happened. I wanted to celebrate in Barcelona, ​​but we didn't go there. And it’s good, because there was actually the epicenter of the epidemic. Then I sat in isolation for four months - like all my colleagues, they were sitting and only now began to come to life: shoot videos, release songs ... The artists, of course, were very affected by the pandemic. We were left without work, but we have teams, everyone needs to be paid wages, but there is no earnings. Therefore, it was difficult: you sit and do not understand where to get money, they do not fall from the sky! After all, artists earn money and immediately invest in the business: they shoot videos, buy some costumes, record songs, and so on. It's not free of charge, everyone brings us on a silver platter! But people do not see this, it seems to them that the artists live comfortably and comfortably - such a beautiful fairy tale. And behind all this - colossal financial investments, a lot of work and trials, and not everyone is able to endure these trials.

* During the quarantine, Anya overestimated a lot for herself


- Many artists hide their age. Someone even changes the date of birth to a later one. Do you think this should be done or not?

- You know, everyone has their own opinion on this matter. Yes, I'm 40 years old, everyone knows that. And I, for example, are now in the most magnificent condition, in the very juice, in the prime! I didn’t feel this way at 20, 30 or 35. I had some kind of throwing, searching for myself, hobbies for esotericism and psychology. And now I understand that I can do a lot. I look great, I have strength for many things. Therefore, I believe that this is a gorgeous age and should not be hidden.

- What wish would you send yourself to the future?

- The main thing is to always remain the same kind, cheerful, positive and do not get angry with this life, no matter what happens! Life is beautiful, and everything that happens in it is for the good! This is probably what I would send myself a message in a bottle of time ...

- Do you often get pissed off by some people, circumstances?

“I recently read Colin Tipping's book Radical Forgiveness, and I recommend it to everyone, by the way. As I said, everything in this life is for the good. The soul chooses a certain path, and all troubles and happy moments are trials. And the tests of money and fame are the most difficult of those that a person passes. Of course, something can upset me, it hurts, I can worry about something, but I say to myself: “It's better for me. This situation will bring me to a higher spiritual level and give me something! "


- I know you are seriously interested in psychology. Why did you decide to do this?

- I have always been drawn to this science. When I was 20, I already read Vadim Zeland's Reality Transurfing, then 23 Conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsh, and so on. Then there was a break: a not very happy period came, as there was a failure in his personal life. I think that for many this happens when literally everything is pouring in: personal life, and profession, and health. It's just such a year of failure. But at some point I realized that I was being led to something, that I needed to stop and take a close look at my life. I turned to books, to psychology. And now I understand why I was given all these difficult tests - only so that I became what I have become now. It was life's problems that led me to the knowledge that I now possess. But I continue to develop further, to learn something in this life, and this is great, I really like it! Moreover, I want to arrange a marathon for girls to create a wish card that really works. This helps to set clear goals and achieve them, to structure your perception of life. Now I can give something to people, teach them something, and this makes me very happy and inspiring.

- Do you have your own wish card?

- Yes, I have a map of desires, but I will not tell now what I have there. In general, I did them several times. At one of the first, for example, it was noted that I really want to get on the "New Wave" as a singer, and I could not even dream that I would lead it. But suddenly she took it and thought: "Dyke, I will stick myself as the host of the" New Wave ". And six months later they called me and offered to become the host of this competition! For several years she led it and sang on it. So our wishes tend to come true!

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