Oct 12, 2020
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Anna Semenovich, after losing weight, got fat beyond recognition

Anna Semenovich, after losing weight, grew fat to unrecognizability

Singer and presenter Anna Semenovich appeared before the fans in an unexpected way.

The artist caught the coronavirus and is now isolated from society while awaiting test results. The last two analyzes showed negative results, she said. In her Instagram, the singer said that the disease hits the nervous system, so she had trouble sleeping.

"I feel well, I hope my lungs have not suffered much, and after being discharged from home I will go for a CT scan. I continue to drink vitamins, and the doctor advised me to drink valerian, this virus decently hits the nervous system", - wrote Semenovich.

The swelling Anna Semenovich
Plump Anna Semenovich

Anna accompanied her reflections with an archival photograph in a nurse's outfit. The white robe did not hide the curvy forms of the singer. At the same time, the fans noted that she is beautiful in any weight.

For many years, Semenovich has been actively fighting overweight. This summer, the singer even went on a hunger strike for several days in order to lose annoying pounds and star in her new video.

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