Aug 6, 2022
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Anna Semenovich admitted that she photoshops her figure


Singer and presenter Anna Semenovich justified herself for retouching.

The artist every now and then is caught on an explicit photoshop. The singer does not stop retouching her body, but still admits that she cannot deny herself the pleasure of improving her figure for social networks.

There are hundreds of articles on the Web that the 42-year-old artist abuses image processing. So much so that nearby objects literally float, and the feet become gigantic in size. But Semenovich sees nothing wrong with that.

I never take any personal photographer with me on vacation, the photos were taken by my friends. I never hid that sometimes I photoshop a little of my photos, like all girls. Somewhere there I pick up a barrel a little, smooth out a wrinkle. Why not? That’s my right.

It’s not that I reduce myself 10 times there. Maybe in that photo the shadow fell like that … Do you really think that over the years I have not learned to correct myself a little imperceptibly and naturally (laughs). And by the way, I never photoshop my legs at all. They are beautiful, I can only pick up my tummy”, Anna confesses.

Anna Semenovich - photo from the archive -
Anna Semenovich – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The blonde is convinced that if a person does not like his appearance, then he can easily fix it with plastic surgery. “Well, there are some points that cannot be removed with the help of sports and diets. There are genetic things that are passed down from parents that can only be removed through surgery. I am generally for sports, proper nutrition, but I am against diets. You just need to eat right and balanced. But at the same time, if a person does not like something in himself and he can change it, then why not have an operation? she asks.

Therefore, the star turned to the surgeon. “I really did liposuction of the arms and chin. And I don’t see anything wrong with that, I didn’t hide it, I showed it. I believe that a public person is an opinion leader who can influence these stupid stereotypes. Well, if a person was born, for example, with a very long nose, or a woman is slender, but she has “ears” on her pope, and you won’t reduce this nose with any massages and you won’t remove your hips. Why suffer when you can go to the doctor and ask to get rid of it. I think that there is nothing wrong with liposuction and plastic surgery. Everyone has the right to do with himself whatever he wants, the main thing is not to interfere with anyone“, – Semenovich emphasized “And now attention!”.

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