Mar 31, 2021
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Anna Sedokova sniffed at the fight with cancer Oleg Tinkov

The guest of the scandalous show Comment Out singer Anna Sedokova was forced to make a tough joke on the banker Oleg Tinkov, who is fighting leukemia.

Anna Sedokova sniffed at the fight with cancer Oleg Tinkov

Last year it became famous that doctors diagnosed Tinkov with leukemia. Thanks to timely treatment, the entrepreneur went on the mend… The banker recently announced remission and expressed hope for an absolute amendment.

On the Instagram page of Oleg Tinkov, singer Anna Sedokova threw a comment, hinting at his illness.

“Olezha, priceless, where have you disappeared? There will be times – stop by for a visit, we will go to the bathhouse.” Beer from me, cancer from you “, – wrote the performer.

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As it turned out, it was necessary to leave such a notice of fame as part of the Comment Out show, thundering with ambiguous and harsh punishments for the stars.

Host Vladimir Marconi assured Sedokova that the banker with cancer would not hold her angry. Marconi called Tinkov a tough guy who checked with the disease.

“He managed to win. He will read it and say: “Aha, this is a joke!” – Vladimir persuaded Anna.

At first, Sedokova resisted, recalling what a disastrous path cancer patients go through. However, she later changed her mind, promising to organize a collection of weapons for philanthropic targets.

“Hand it over, when the program comes out, I will make a post, and we will concentrate all together pennies to someone who has cancer and will help,” Anna said.

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