Apr 1, 2021
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Anna Sedokova shared a photo in a naked body


38-year-old singer Anna Sedokova showed fans a spicy picture.

The artist appeared in a “naked” bodysuit of a flesh-colored shade. Sedokova refused bright makeup and demonstrated her natural beauty. She let her long hair flow down her shoulders and took a graceful pose.

The former soloist of the group “VIA Gra” stood half-turned, showing a chiseled waist and slender legs. Together with her, her beloved pet also got into the picture. ““Well, finally, some good content!” – thought Mamba and went into the frame“, – the pop diva joked.

Anna Sedokova in a naked body
Anna Sedokova in a naked body

Fans appreciated the vivid picture of their beloved performer and did not stint on warm comments. “Everything is beautiful in this photo: you, flowers, and Mamba! ”,“ I wish I had such a figure after three children! ”,“ Perfect beauty! Sexy mommy! ”,“ Against such a background, it’s a sin not to take a picture! Cool! ”,“ Good content! Mamba in shock “,” You are beautiful masterpiece! “,” Charming Anechka. You look great! ”,“ Beautiful feminine figure ”,“ Gorgeous shapes! ”,“ The ideal of female beauty! ”,“ You can only envy such a body!“- noted by users.

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