Oct 30, 2021
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Anna Sedokova said that she has a very jealous husband


Singer Anna Sedokova spoke about her relationship with her husband.

The 38-year-old artist admits that she did not understand before how to demonstrate a tender relationship in public. However, now that she met true love, the artist wants to shout about her happiness publicly.

Before I met my husband, I didn’t believe in phrases like “I love you, you are my meaning of life…”. And now she is like that. I used to even cheat such people. I thought that for such love, which must be shared, so that drooling floats on Instagram. And as I met, that’s all! Itself is all in drooling“, – the performer smiled.

Anna Sedokova with her husband
Anna Sedokova with her husband

However, even in their seemingly ideal relationship, there are roughnesses. The singer admitted that she can make her 29-year-old husband nervous. “There is no more jealous person than my husband. I can’t even imagine it. Perhaps he is listening to us. I love you“, – the singer turned to her beloved on the air of” Russian Radio “.

Anna said that sometimes there are quarrels between them: “How to live without pain? Weird. I believed that all the time you need to dig, dig, search. And here they love you just like that – any. It’s complicated. I’ve been studying this for probably a couple of years. We had different mixes. I wrote a post about it. Everyone was so surprised, they say, you are sweet sweets. No! There was a time, they left each other. This is fine“.

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