Nov 24, 2021
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Anna Sedokova reproaches herself for giving birth to children from different men


Singer Anna Sedokova spoke about her personal life.

The former soloist of VIA Gra last year married for the third time – to the young Latvian basketball player Janis Timma. Prior to this marriage, Anna tried to build a family life with football player Valentin Belkevich, businessman Maxim Chernyavsky and entrepreneur Anton Komarov. From each of these men, Anna gave birth to a child. The performer of the hit “Heart in Bandages” is offended that she is reproached for frivolity.

All my life I’ve been blamed by other people for falling in love. I fall in love with people, with friends. My daughter is exactly the same. She is disappointed quickly, she feels, she suffers. She worries, converges, breaks up. For 20 years, there have been people in show business every day who reproached me for this: “Oh, gives birth to children from all sorts of things! They left her again. ” And I blamed myself for that too. I said to myself: “Anya, why can’t you live in peace? Why such jumps?“” – Sedokova admitted.

Several years ago, the artist got into a psychotherapy session. And then she came to the conclusion that emotionality is part of her nature that needs to be accepted. “The women were asked: “Do you love someone now?” And only two people said they loved. The other eight said they didn’t feel anything. And at that moment I realized that emotionality is like eye color. As long as you allow others to reproach yourself for it, nothing will work out. I reproached myself terribly, and then I realized that loving and feeling is a gift. This is not given to millions of people“- explained the pop star.

Anna Sedokova
Anna Sedokova

Sedokova talked about how, because of her bright appearance, she could not enter the theater institute. On the eve of the entrance exams, Anna took part in the shooting of a modeling agency.

I knitted myself a bra, they told me to pick up some pants. They said that I am a pretty girl and I can try. I am 170 centimeters tall and I am so chubby, but I had very beautiful wavy hair. I was given to advertise hairstyles“, – said Sedokova.

The star-to-be was perfect for her exams and hoped to get a top grade to hit her budget. But the examination board asked strange questions and gave suspiciously low marks.

I sing a verse, and they say that everything is fine, and give a three. Then I sang a song – again a three. On the third exam, I was asked to cry. I pay before the commission. They ask me: “Who are your parents?” I answered: “Mom is a teacher, there is no dad.” They again ask the question: “Who organized your publication in the magazine?” I answered: “It happened.” And again I got a three. I wanted to give it up“, – said the singer.

According to Sedokova, at that moment she considered herself a mediocre artist. Anna later received a message that shocked her. “They wrote to me that they were not approved for the budget, but the two people who scored the smallest score go to a paid seat. I realized that this commission, thinking that I was from Kiev and could afford it, was just dumping me so that I would pay for my education.“, – admitted the artist in the YouTube show” in the Place “. But Anna was not taken aback. She took the documents and submitted them to a competing institution.

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