Apr 18, 2021
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Anna Sedokova needed surgery

The singer told the subscribers of her Instagram page about eye surgery.

Anna Sedokova needed surgery

Russian singer Anna Sedokova said on a social network that she urgently needed surgery on her left eye and that she had to endure two weeks before going to the doctor.

She complained that at first the eyelid was blown to a huge size, later the tumor became a little smaller, but the eye continued to hurt. After enduring 14 days and canceling several events due to illness, introducing four filming, Anna nevertheless decided to make an appointment with a surgeon.

On the fifteenth day of illness, she underwent a quick and, as if it turned out, not such a frightening operation.

“At 8 am I typed in the clinic and made an appointment with the surgeon. At 11.30 I was lying in the operating room. You see, as if a needle with an anesthetic is thrust into the eyelid, then it is removed, then it is cauterized with a laser, and then a bandage is applied. And that’s all. Why did I wait so long? Kumekala will resolve? “- Sedokova said.

Now the singer is recovering at home.

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