Nov 18, 2021
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Anna Sedokova is forced to return to Russia because of her husband


The husband of singer Anna Sedokova, Janis Timma, got a job in Russia.

The further, the less hope Anna Sedokova’s fans have that the singer’s marriage with Janis Timma will be long and strong. The day before, the basketball player shared the news that he got a new job. True, not at all what his star wife was hoping for.

Sedokova at the end of August began to make plans that she would soon move to live in the States. Timma then began playing in the NBA Summer League, hoping to be noticed and offered a lucrative contract. The athlete did indeed receive a contract, but not with an American club.

Janis will now play for the Kazan club “Unix”, as he personally announced on Instagram. Moreover, the contract was signed only for a couple of months and it is possible that Timma will leave the team before the expiration of the probationary period. However, it is possible that he will open up under the guidance of a new coach and then he will be offered more favorable conditions. But this is still not at all what Sedokova dreamed of.

Anna Sedovkova with her lover
Anna Sedovkova with her lover

Earlier in the press, news had already flashed that the young husband was “sitting on the neck” of a famous wife, who provides him with everything. Yes, and Anna herself recently said that they often quarrel and she had already thought about the break up many times. It seems that the story of the move to Kazan can put the final end to the couple’s marriage.

By the way, the other day Sedokova has already hinted that their story with Timma is coming to an end. She admitted that she was pretending to be happy, but in fact she was going through a very difficult period in her life. “It is very difficult now. I’m not ready to talk about it yet. Perhaps I’ll tell you later. Please don’t ask. We need to live on. Somehow to pull myself together. Therefore, I will try to imitate the illusion of a normal life, otherwise I will simply bend“- said Anna.

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