Jul 25, 2020
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Anna Sedokova: In 7 years I tried to rape lover mother

Star singer Anna Sedokova 7 years of age experienced a real attempted rape on the part of the mother’s lover. The celebrity was frankly told in the pages of the autobiographical book “I am strong. I got this.”

Anna Sedokova: In 7 years I tried to rape lover mother

According to Anna Sedokova, her mother raised her children alone. When future celebrity was 7 years old, the mother met a man named Sergei. They started Dating, and boyfriend began to look into the room of the daughter of the woman at night. At first he just stood and watched, thinking the girl asleep, then began to push his hand under the blanket, trying to Pat her on the leg. Every time he climbed higher and higher. Little Anna Sadkova almost stopped sleeping because she was afraid that it will go my mom’s cavalier. Once he even raised a step-daughter’s hand, punishing her for a misdemeanor. To talk about prurient interest men future singer mother did not, seeing that happy in a new relationship.

“I’m a kid at night in 7 years came to each mother and tried to rape, but I did,” admitted the star.

The truth came to light during one of the night visits. Hand-in lover’s mother went too far, Sedokova broke down and cried. The mother broke into his daughter’s room instantly. She understood everything without words and more the uncle Seryozha in the house did not appear. The singer admitted that after having it for a long time felt scared and couldn’t sleep at night.

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I’m supposed to be … ⠀ This is my book and that’s me. Such as it is, and that which has become. I frankly told her what was going on in my life and what was silent. But why I wrote it? ⠀ I want you to believe. I want you to know that anything is possible. I’m a kid at night in 7 years came to each mother and tried to rape, but I did. I’m a man from the family with the dirty divorce, departed father and hatred of parents, but I did. ⠀ I’m from a very poor family, but I did. I had everything and lost everything, but I did. I don’t have to feed the children, but I did. I was on the best stages of the world and at one point became pregnant and do not even need in the kitchen, but I could … ⠀ I was hurt, very painful, unbearably painful. But I did it … And so can YOU! After all, you’re better than me: younger, brighter, more talented, thinner , funnier, kinder. ⠀ You’re better than me because you’re YOU! Unique, singular and very strong! ⠀ And how to write our favorite Antigenic “if a woman with 3 children can marry a handsome guy “, then you certainly will be able to go out today with two extra pounds and live enjoying this beautiful life! ⠀ Living your best life! And no matter what I say. Follow your heart and don’t let anyone destroy your dreams, girl ❤ I ⠀ PS Book or the link in the profile and story. ⠀ I believe in you ❤it’s amazing You’re strong, you can do it!

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