Jan 15, 2022
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Anna Sedokova admitted that her son did not immediately accept her new husband


Singer Anna Sedokova shared the problems of her personal life.

For Anna Sedokova it was important that Janis Timma found a common language with her children. This process was difficult and lengthy, but now an idyll reigns in the family.

Anna Sedokova and Janis Timma have been together for about two years now. From time to time, misunderstandings arise in the relationship of the couple, but so far the lovers manage to safely solve all problems. It is more difficult for Janis in this situation, because he needs to get along not only with his beloved, but also with her children. So, four-year-old Hector did not immediately accept his mother’s new boyfriend.

To be honest, not everything went smoothly in the relationship of these men. They have come a long way towards acceptance and mutual respect. Never talked about this. But I am categorically against the opinion that a man will never love you with a child.“, – the singer emphasized.

Anna Sedokova with her husband
Anna Sedokova with her husband

Recall that from the very beginning, the romance of Anna and Janis was scandalous. The fact is that at the time of meeting the singer, the basketball player was married and raised a young son. Of course, Sedokova was immediately called a homemaker.

The singer is no stranger to hearing negative comments addressed to her. She faced such attacks from her youth, but she never cheated on herself to please others.

They tried to humiliate me so many times for my choice, but I never stayed where I feel bad. Never tolerated. I built my world and tried to inspire other girls to move forward. Even if at the age of 21 your relatives tell you that you are an unwanted divorcee with a child… No one knows how you feel better, except for yourself“, – the artist is sure.

Now the star feels absolutely happy. She works hard, but always finds time for her family. Anna and Janis do not hide the fact that they dream of a common child, but so far they are not in a hurry to replenish.

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