May 29, 2022
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Anna Pletneva almost died at the hands of an inadequate admirer


Singer Anna Pletneva spoke about the horrors of her childhood.

The artist has always enjoyed the attention of the opposite sex. Fans now and then shower the singer with flowers and gifts. And if the star does not respond to these gestures, the fans cross the line …

So, Anna admitted that she was attacked. A crazy fan, right in front of the guards, attacked the artist and began to hurt her.

Almost became a victim of a fan. After the concert in St. Petersburg, I was leaving the Ice Palace, when a fan rushed to me. The guards, knowing that I was in a warm relationship with my fans, reacted calmly, but the man grabbed me and began to choke me. Only by my cries, which were not at all like enthusiastic ones, they understood everything and immediately dragged the guy away”, — said the 44-year-old singer.

Anna Pletneva - photo from the archive -
Anna Pletneva – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

It turned out that the stranger was angry with Pletneva because she did not respond to his messages. “This person regularly sent me obscenities on social networks and was furious that I did not reciprocate,” the performer noted.

Of course, Pletneva attracts men with her sexuality and courage. The singer thinks through each image to the smallest detail – and most often her outfits are frank and defiant.

Not many people know that I was terribly bullied as a child for my very small stature, non-standard appearance, too curly hair, so I probably have complexes … I still can’t walk without heels, I even have sneakers and sneakers on platforms, straightening my hair, plus, it’s very difficult for me to live without a bright make-up, although everyone tells me that without it I’m better, I look fresher and younger … I guess that’s partly why I’m so outspoken on stage! I wouldn’t trade my panties and bras for anything! I want to subconsciously prove to myself and others that even without clothes I am beautiful, that there is no age and time!”, Anna explained to KP-Yekaterinburg.

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